Thermos flask


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There are a few things I wish for.

1.............I would love to be able to find a thermos flask so a hot drink/soup could be carried.  

2..........ability to make a sledge

3.........Get water from waterfalls or ice holes when fishing.


                       Still one cannot have everything and the game is still great for an old codger like me.

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I like 1 and 3. I am surprised thermos' are not already there. You would expect to find at least one in the damn, the garage in CH, the factory or on the ship in DP and possibly the barn in PV. I also don't think a warm drink on your travels gives enough of a boost to alter game play much, if at all.


I cannot think of a good reason not to be able to get water from ice holes and waterfalls. If they think it would make it too easy they could still make you boil it.


I am not a fan of sleds of any kind. It would take away from making difficult choices. When the time comes to move from one camp/base to another, deciding what to take is an important part of game play. Take it all should not be a choice. You can always go back if you need to. Besides what else are you going to do on day 962.

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