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Here are a few things that are quite small but I think should be in the game nonetheless.

1. Reading normal books and newsprint to help with Cabin Fever and have a chance to give you a random skill point. 

2. Simple and Advanced torch. Simple is made with wood and cloth and burns less bright and for less time. Advanced torch is the current one we have. 

3. Coat racks, I feel like this will come with the enhanced inteiors at Story release. But I feel as if I should be able to hang up my coat on the wall for aesthetics. Instead of storing it.

4. Bow racks, this could just be the rifle rack, but somewhere to store my bow in style. 

5. Enhanced item placement. I want to be able to lean my rifle against the wall or stack up my wood in a nice pile. Stuff like that. 

6. Harvest carpets, shredded paper, sticky notes and other useless junk items you see around the game world that have no use. 

7. When a bear is near your shelter. It should try to break the door down. Like in Hunted Pt. 2 it can't get in. After you'd need to repair it. Otherwise it would get cold inside. 

8. Throwing decoys?

9. Building stays warm after fire has gone out for period of time. Building size and type will play part in this. As well as broken doors as mentioned above.

10. On Stalker loot should be more scarce but plentiful in minor locations. Like a food cache in a trunk of a car or container in a secluded location. Instead of EVERYWHERE!

11. Animals should have a special pathfinding to avoid weak ice since making an animation for them falling in is hard to do. For realism's sake.

12. Dragging corpses to a better location for harvesting and picking up dead rabbits. 

13. Bowdrill/Handrill for Interloper

14. Moving around furniture and containers for shelter customization. Similar to the item placement feature. 

15. Add an echo to the dam/Hibernia/mines/caves. There may be one already. But one similar to when the game first came out would be awesome!

16. Finding useless items like pens, cards, music disks, broken technology. For atmospheric purposes. (maybe at Story release)


That's all for now.

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