a sledge for moving from region to region


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I'd like to build a sledge to carry more stuff, for example when it's time to move from a region to another. In the game there is often a special moment when you decide that it's time to move further to another region. I'd love the option to carry more stuff to another basecamp.

I woud suggest you can carry about a hundred kg with it, your movement would slow down a little, and you would not be able to sprint. you can't use your hands (bow, rifle or lantern) since you have to pull the sledge with both hands.
If you're being attacked by wolves you have to drop the pulling line and leave the sledge behind. Perhaps the sledge and some of the stuff you have loaded should be destroyed by the attack, 50% at random or so. This would make it a challenge to use the sledge, So it would become necessary to scout out your path before pulling the sledge through a wolf territory.

The sledge should take a lot of effort to build (30 hours building time or so) and a whole bunch of ressources. I suggest 5 lines out of gut to build the pulling rope, 10 planks made from fir or cedar limbs (alternative crafting output; three firewoods or one plank) to build the frame, two deer hides for the trunk and last but not least  2 skids forged out of 3 pieces of scrap metal each.

The skids wear off lightly by using on snowy surfaces, a little more on ice and remarkable by pulling the sledge through a cave on rocky ground


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Something like this...


Or a birch bark canoe could be used as a sledge in the winter sandbox:



Found or crafted.  Found would make sense in all of the lake and coastal maps. Its more unusual that they are not there. The canoe could segue into the spring chapter of the game. Perhaps waterways would be revealed connecting some maps?


A water craft might facilitate the collection of floating debris in coastal areas, the discovery of explorable islands, deployment of crab traps on coastal highway, several new ways to kill yourself! lol...

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