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Well... I could avoid it but let's be friendly ^^

So hi everyone, I'm new here with just a couple of days in this forum. I'm not really new to the Long Dark because I followed it since Kickstarter but missed at that time the opportunity to back the project. Still, after reading it all I really jumped on it the first time it popped up on steam. The start was really unbalanced and difficult at start and time passed, so other games and the Long Dark was put on hold in a corner of my mind. Then I was going through all my games recently and I saw it again and go back to see how thing changed... and... damn what an evolution it was.Seeing all the work done on it, the balancing, graphics and content, and my mind was completely blown away. When I'm playing nowadays I really feel like playing a finished game... Thinking what was already planned (the story) is still going to come... Well... Really well-done hinterland, really well done. A few could be as proud as you should be about your project. I'm not doing a good job at presenting myself so let's go back to the more boring stuff, me and myself ^^.

My name is Guillaume and yes, I'm french. I'm 32 years old and a gamer since so long that I can't really remember. First I played a lot of FPS by far but when I was a bit more mature I developed a taste more profound for story driven games, probably at the same time I really started playing role-playing games (tabletop ones). It seems that creating stories developed my taste for entertaining stories in video games 'as well as in movies also) with an understanding but critic's eye. Then, role-playing video games comes in focus even though I wasn't always satisfied by those. I still remember spending so much time on Vampire the Masquerade that was so much like tabletop role-playing game in multiplayer. Then I did an art school for 3D/animation but couldn't make it my job because of lack of focus on it as well as a really poor choice in choosing my school. Still, I really loved animation, so much more that modelisation. Now I'm roaming the net in search for good survival game but lack of interest for creative sandbox why my passion about this game. I yearn for a game that makes you live story and see magnificent landscape as I want, more than a challenge, to evade through the creative work of someone. It doesn't stop from playing in Stalker mode by the way 

So with all of that said, I really thank hinterland for their work and devotion and, as a lot of people here, I'm really impatient to look at the story you're laying down for us. I'm also really eager to find more depth and life in the environment we have in sandbox to make my own story in it!


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