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When I want to transfer 50 sticks of a 56-sticks large stack, the transfer interface will initially display "< 1 / 56 >". Clicking on "<" in that state won't do anything. Pressing and holding the left mouse button when you are hovering over ">" will make the item count automatically increase until you release the button again.

(1) Wrap around

It would be nice if you could click on "<" when seeing "< 1 / 56 >" and then get "< 56 / 56 >"; clicking "<" again would allow you to transfer 55 items ... So let "<" continue to reduce the number by one and wrap around to the maximum value once "1" has been reached. That would help quite a bit when you want to keep only a few items of a lager stack.

The same applies to ">" when the max number is reached; i.e. wrap around to item count "1". This just in case you accidentally clicked that button one too many times.

(2) Slider control

Pressing and holding the mouse button above ">" and then waiting until the item count you are heading for is reached, takes quite some time.

Some sort of slider control would help to reach a mid item count a little easier/faster. It doesn't even have to be a visible control, as the text area could itself act as a slider: e.g. if you press and hold the mouse button inside the text area "1 / 56", the item count gets adjusted according to where inside the text area your cursor is (left edge = 0% (1), center = 50%, right edge = 100%). Moving the cursor left/right in that case would allow you to decrease/increase the item count.

(3) Exact amount

If a slider control is out of the question, possibly because of console versions, then I'd love to see an option to manually enter an exact amount.
Maybe even by using a 0-to-9 num-pad/popup.

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