Ava: The Beginning of the End


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Just last night I finally played my last moments as Ava Del Ray it was a very bittersweet experience. Over the next 2-3 days I will be doing my last write-ups for this amazing survivor. Here is the Beginning of the End.

Ava: The Beginning of the End


Ava 114-115: The Beginning of the End

I’ve thought even more on leaving, it seems very obvious, this place gives of its wildlife bounty with such stinginess. I know, I know, it’s Desolation Point. At the same time I feel as I God is preparing me for something else, maybe he’s preparing to take me home I don’t know. I’ve enjoyed it just being myself, creation, and creator. Perhaps he’s preparing me for a bigger departure than I’d ever expected.


I finally decide to head out towards Hibernia Processing to see if the bear is indeed dead of if he’s alive that leaves me very nervous as I only have my bow and arrows available and I’m not much of an archer.


I hear him and his retinue of crows, I decide to get on top of the highest rock I can find while still being within sprinting distance of the car.




This is as good a place as any so I set up and look around being careful not to move enough to draw attention, and finally I see him down to the left of Hibernia I take shot and whabam!

The bear is pissed and he’s coming after me! I go to move down to the car and find the somehow my foot has gotten caught in a cleft on the rock! I hook my bow to it’s quick release attachments on my pack and try and tug it free…finally-

Ava: The Bear and the Car

Finally after some more time I move out of the car and head for Whale Processing. I have to get warmer consistently and a car just is not going to work. Thus far I’ve never run into the bear anywhere at Hibernia Processing so I move through the truck and onto ground proper.


I choose to head into the trailer to the left to eat, drink and sleep about an hour jsut to get my temperature back up.

Afterwards I circle around the back of Hibernia and then I hear him, the damn bear, very very close, carrying my arrow for me but certainly not dead not at all. He charges and I panic running up a snowbank inside of around it…and pinned against the wall, firing a shot at a raging bear!

And then a series of events unfolds that changes the entire outlook of my survival.

Ava: Back to Back bear attack


I am wrapped again in bandages and pretty torn up clothing.

There’s about 7 hours of daylight remaining I will NOT sleep with these bones tonight. So I feed, drink and then go to sleep for 6 hours.


As I drag my torn and hurting ass back to the lighthouse through the snow I can’t believe that once again I’m still alive. 60 days ago I faced this reality in a much more forgiving environment, I don’t know if I can survive it here.

As I close in on the lighthouse a wolf causes me to pop a flare for safety.

Pop that flare!

After a good sleep I realize in all of that mayhem the other day I lost my bow. It seems a really stupid idea to leave this place without a bow. I have the wood and guts ready for it, and I will make some more arrows as well.

I grab some more matches as I intend to go from from making the bow and arrows, and recovering any I can find from earlier. To get the meat from in front of Scruffy’s Cave and then head out of Desolation Point through the Crumbling Highway.

I now have no protection for my head or hands so I have to be careful of being out in the wind and cold for too long.

To Hibernia one Last Morning Time

I spend the day making my bow, eating, drinking, I even remember to make one arrow!

Toward the end of the day I choose to pop a flare for safety and head outside to look for Arrows and then head over to Scruffy’s Cave for my final meat available in Desolation Point.

Search and Discovery…and a fire!

After I make some more water*I take my leave in Scruffy’s cave for the night.

  • As a player I can only look on my utter and complete failure to make any tea or coffee and then melt/boil more water as the planning and plotting and preparation just falling apart as I fail to thin ahead adequately.
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