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Greetings all.

I came to this game after stumbling across a youtube LP by WeaselZone. It's a new gaming experience for me as I typically play strategy games or a very occasional shooter. After playing for a while now, I don't know how I didn't get into the survival genre sooner.

I've spent almost all my life in cold climates, including no small amount of winter camping trips, and this game immediately struck a cord with me. The geography of all the maps could have been pulled out of any number of places from my formative years, and coupled with the stunning art style, TLD becomes incredibly immersive for me. When a blizzard comes and the snow starts blowing horizontally, I know how that snow stings when it hits your face. I've been in weather below -40 and know how that cold air feels when you try to breath it. I know how much energy it takes to chop ice out of an ice fishing hole. However, I have not had to sleep in a cabin with a dead guy at the top of the stairs...

For me the most entertaining parts of the game are the art, exploring, and playing through unique survival experiences that won't ever happen the same way twice. IE; the first time I stumbled across the stone church was right at the beginning of a sunrise. It was an incredible moment. Other parts are a bit more amusing; like only burning 2,500 calories during a hard day of winter survival. Or the all-male deer population that somehow finds a way to reproduce. Or how many Lee-Enfields there apparently are on the BC coast.

I'm very happy to have found this game and look forward to future developments.


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@Patrick Carlson Currently in Colorado, which generally has relatively mild winters unless you're up in the mountains. I've spent a few years in Alberta and a few in Montana, which were cold. But I've never been as cold anywhere else as I was growing up in Minnesota, which is where I experience -40F. That's just a different kind of cold altogether.

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