How about a sleigh?


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You got different types of wood, guts, hides/cloth, how about putting them together in a sleigh so you can carry around your supplies when traveling between regions or when switching camps? It doesn't have to be a major boost in hauling capacity but it should give you at least 50% more hauling power so instead of 30kg you could drag around let's say 50 kg?

Also, I saw a previous thread about domesticating wolfs, wouldn't that work well with the sleigh if it will ever be implemented :D but if not you still should be able to drag around more than you can carry in your backpack.

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Oh what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh HEY!

Sorry, I'm getting into the Christmas spirits. Bought presents for my nieces and nephews and I'm just waiting for my Santa costume to arrive, so my posts might get progressively more Christmas-y over the coming weeks :D

As for the topic at hand, yes. Really, the only question this begs is "Why not? and I can't see a logical answer to that. Still, Hinterland can still say, and are perfectly entitled to say (it's their game after all) "It collides with our vision" or "We don't have the resources for that". Wnile I don't hope for that to happen, those would be perfectly reasonably answers.

There's a horse on the roadmap though and I'll just assume right now that it'll be used for at least some sort of transportation

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