freezing and game crashing.


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Hello Hinterland team. I hope you see this; I have loved your game for the only 7 hours that I have played it, but I have come across a bug or a glitch that keeps happening to me. I am just doing my thing and surviving like usual and I need to warm up when I'm walking around outside. So I build a fire and start to warm up. After I warm up I turn and start walking and then the game freezes and crashes saying that it's not responding. I have done this test multiple times and it's not just when I start fires, it's also when I enter and then leave buildings. Also it happened twice when I'm just walking around. I don't know if anyone else has had this issue, but if you could please look into it I would deeply appreciate it. Other than this I have found no other bugs with the game. You guys have done a terrific job with this game. Thank you for an awesome game! 

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