Live event made game unplayable


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So I just downloaded the live halloween event now because of work and life, etc, and went to go into my game.  I picked a relatively new file and it crashed. No biggy, I'd just start a new one. Went to do that and this time the screen where you pick your experience did something funky: Add in the fact that it was jumping, I couldn't click anything, and got the lil spinny rainbow ball of death, I was forced to do a hard shut down. Did some permission repairs, thinking that might be the cause,  started the game again, got a new file named and never got past the load screen. My whole computer froze again. I wa forced to do another hard shut down.

All the times I was forced to do a hard shut down cause I couldn't call up force quit. The game was playing fine until I downloaded this event. :T

I have a Macbook pro-
runs 10.9.5
4gbs memory.

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What are complete your system specs, just off the base there it sounds like you're pretty close to, if not below min spec? This event didn't change anything that would cause this to occur. Could I also get you to attach your log file - It's located @  ~/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log

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