Bear Issue in Hunted, Part One and Sprains.


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I'm not sure how you have the bear coded for this challenge but after some testing (as in this has happened several times on several

play throughs) the bear never stays where it is when entering and leaving buildings. Meaning I have twice left the bear roaming behind

the Farmhouse in PV, travelled to the Rural Crossroads and had it between me and the Abandonded Cave immediately after leaving

the store. So in other words the bear teleports. You need to find a way to keep it in world while the player is in buildings instead of resetting

it's location every time you enter and leave a building. Ruins immersion and game play to have an omnipotent teleporting bear in the game.


Also, the sprains need to be adjusted again. I have gotten several wrist and ankle sprains (some times at the same time) while just standing

and not falling or even moving. On one go I got ankle and wrist sprains, hypothermia, and food poisoning all at the same time. And I was by

a campfire eating cooked food and shouldn't have gotten hyperthermia in a wind blind with no heavy wind, full 100% clothing by a fire.

I wasn't aware of afflictions being rng related. But this situation was like "wham! every affliction right now for you!" Like WTF.

Anyhoo... probably bugs, so here's a bug report :)

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I think this is working as designed. The Old Bear is special because unlike other wildlife, it follows the player everywhere. The simplest way to do that is to leverage existing Bear behaviour as much as possible and rig the scenario to make him follow you. I suspect it would be programmatically expensive to track his position in absolute terms. It might also be easily exploitable if you clubs get him trapped in the environment. 

But I must admit I find the spawning a bit hit and miss. My current in progress run had been:

Starting shelter 

Preppers Abandoned Bunker 

Bear encounter on the way to Pleasant Valley Outbuildings (red barn) 

Rural crossroads house 

Bear encounter outside rural crossroads house (entered,  rested, exited and he was gone) 

Transition to Coastal Highway 

Trailer in Coastal Highway x 3 (stopped at each one on the way towards Mystery Lake transition) 

Transition to Mystery Lake 

So I'm now almost within striking distance of Trapper's cabin, having only encountered the Bear twice out of about 10 transitions from interior environments to exterior environments. 

I don't know the details of whether he spawns somewhere close to the building you just walked out of, or periodically respawns close to your location whenever you are outdoors, but I have 5 flares so unless he starts teleporting in front of me everywhere I go in ML I could have shot a flare at him on sight every time and made it to the cabin without worry. 

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It is pretty easy to avoid the bear, especially with the respawn near player exiting buildings.

Just jump back in if you hear it and it will change spawn location when you leave again.

Which in it's self can get annoying that, yes, the wildlife spawn shifts when you do that as well.

Would just be nice to have a preloaded world upon game creation. I've played long enough

to see the ins and outs of this lol Hurts worse when you shoot or stab a wolf and have to duck in to

a building to heal and get warm (if it was a fight) and the wolf respawns when you exit the building.

That's happened a few times too. I once had to fight the same wolf twice cos it attacked me, I get it

good and it was bleeding everywhere with little harm to myself. I was by a camp at the time so napped

an hour to get back to 100 condition and there was the wolf fully healed to and ready for round two.

During which it died immediately instead of running off :/

As for the sprain issue I mentioned, I'm attaching a screenie of me crossing a bridge, and what do you know...

Wrist Sprain. For no reason. Crossing a bridge, Am I walking on my hands? lol


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