Snow Shelter Repair + carry-over bugs


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v.365 (XBOX)

Please let me know in any replies if I need to provide videos as proof, or if simply describing the bugs is enough

1) Title of the post; can repair a snow shelter without any of the materials necessary, fixes to 100%, perfectly usable and repeatable. Definitely true for an older save, have yet to test on a current save


The following 2 are repeats from earlier in the forum, since before they were either stated to not be there, or not addressed at all, and are still present in v.365

2) Walking diagonally, at least while at high weight or while encumbered, gives greater move speed than just straight. A dev mentioned testing this, and it returning 'normal values', but I can confirm this problem is definitely existent, and present in v.365. Simply listen to the pace of footsteps in both ways, and the difference audibly is quite easy to discern.

3) Wolf scare cheat; Simply starting a fire (in the process of lighting) will instantly scare off any aggressive wolves; finishing the fire is in no way necessary, so after level 3 firemaking, you literally only consume a match, not even that on a sunny day with the magnifying glass.

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