Dropped Flare Shells Missing


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Playing Interloper.  In Dam entrance area, the room at the top that has the double door exit onto Mystery Lake proper.  I dropped three flare shells and then my flare gun with one loaded flare shell.  After I dropped everything I decided to move it.  I picked up the flare gun and then only saw one flare shell.  I picked it up and the other two were missing.  They were not in my inventory. 

Note:   It does look like I still had "test build" after The Long Dark.  I'm on Steam so I had the game fully updated.  Just now I verified the integrity and "test build" disappeared.  I don't if that could have anything to do with it.

Now:  After exiting the game and getting back in, all four of my flares are back and my flare gun is unloaded.  So...glad to have the flares back.


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They shouldn't disappear underneath the texture of an interior location, but I guess it can happen.

Tip: never drop items that are scarce resources. Put them in containers. I was up on TWM and dropped a bunch of items, including flare shells, to cut weight to climb down a rope. I didn't realize it until I got back to the hut that i had lost 4 out of 5 through the snow.

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