Menu interface hiccups v.364


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Several bugs but related as far as I can tell.

The functions are almost all related from moving items from one container to another:

  • The "worn clothes" check will not appear on clothing, seems random and does not effect all clothes worn...some will show the check others will not.
  • UI will seem to lose the mouse, will click on an item and it will not select, can navigate with arrow keys to "wake it" sometimes. Can click on the "transfer arrow" between the containers and the player inventory and the BACK button.
    • (Duplicated - Opened cabinet with some reclaimed wood inside. The filters start on the right (container) side, clicked the "fire"? filter, filter moves to player inventory side, mouse over highlight works...then I clicked on tinder (stack of 14) problem....clicked on sticks (stack of 20) I can click on nothing else except the BACK button unless I use wasd or arrows to move cursor off the sticks)
    • Was able to duplicate this several times.  I would close and reopen the same cabinet and able to get it to duplicate the cursor lockup, until I moved the sticks to the container and back, performed the same operations as before and works fine.  But when I double clicked on a pack of wood matches and hit esc to cancel the transfer the mouse it got stuck again...then I left the container, went back, applied fire filter and clicked on the same pack of gets stuck again and mouse will not interact.  Almost like the mouse is stuck in the transfer and remembers what item was last being moved.
    • Doesn't seem to be item / stack related... transferring tomatoes to a fridge I used the transfer arrow button and it would not "release" the mouse to click on anything but the transfer arrow and back buttons.
  • Dragging items over to  another container (aiming for the 5 x 4 grid) will sometimes not work. Container has room.
  • Counts on items will sometimes disappear.  I remember this one being fairly consistent, had 2 paper matches one with 20 and one with 18, the 18 would always show the 20 would never.  it would still act like 20 matches and ask how many of 20 to move and it would still show 20 if I just was checking  personal inventory.

*Not a bug? - Also noticed that your personal inventory does not have the mouse-over highlight feature that the transferring inventory screen does.  Not sure if it's by design, just seems odd to be different and wondering if this indicates some other problem.

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