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Hello, new to this forum. Wanted to say first, excellent game loving it so far.

Please chastise me if this is posted, but didn't see if with the search function or it may be requested worded in a way I couldn't find it by search.

My suggestion to appease OCD or controlling players is the ability to place items manually on the ground via a transparent hovering version of that item. This would allow everyone to organize items placed on the ground, also to make use of shelving and tables. Also to reduces the chance an item clips into a wall/chair/box, has happened once with a wall and some firewood.

Some buildings can accommodate my vast hoard of useless tinder plugs and clothing I have yet to harvest. But some fall short with limited storage or storage that fills after 5 kg. The trapper shack is beautiful in having a locker that can hold 40 kg, but it is far away from everything else.

I feel this game mechanic will allow users to throw a jerry can or lantern on a table and make it easy to grab on their way outside, and free up their inventory when harvesting/repairing/cooking while indoors. Plus I would really like to re-use the gun racks. :)

Who wouldn't feel confident with a gun rack holding a pry bar, make them worry that Gordon Freeman lives there.

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Yeah this feature seems to have shifted to the right mouse button. Would like to see this added for all items in the inventory, the dropping pattern is entirely random and messy in my opinion. Would like to place instead of having to place piles in different areas to organize.

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