Teleporting wolves


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PV on Stalker. Just killed a bear in the cave near Long Curve (headshot while it was sleeping). I was carrying the meat and skins to the Farmstead house and entered the field and could see the house. I turned around to get an exact location in relation to the mountains to make a second trip and then turned back towards the house. 6 wolves that weren't there 5 seconds ago. :shock:

The screenshot isn't exactly where it happened.


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2 hours ago, Vinceofpyrenees said:

Yeah theses appearance are a big problem. I've noticed that before. A wolfe followed me, so I tried to attrack him in front of my camp. Arrived at a precise location, I looked back and he had disapeared.

I'm pretty sure they fixed those kind of teleporting wolves , when did this happen to you ? It used to happen to me too , but not anymore .

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