Just some screenshots of stuff that was weird


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Pic 1: Material required mixed close together

Pic 2: In front of trapper's cabin in Mystery Lake, up the tree you can walk up and onto the rock it's conjoined to, you try to place a fire there and it's submerged in snow.

Pic 3: After picking up all the books in main base in pleasant valley (homestead?) and dropping them they all turned into the same book.

Pic 4: Left a footprint in a rock going up to the hydro dam from the winding river from pleasant valley

Pic 5: Wolf stuck on that piece of ice even when bear came down and scared it.


For whatever it's worth. That's it ^.^

screen_(993, 32, 474)_ca1b1419-01b8-4f87-90a0-d8694d6eeab5.png

screen_(165, 20, -34)_c5ea7cf3-8baf-4783-8559-3d638c0e8db3.png




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