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  1. @admin Thank you so much for the reply! I will certainly report anything else I come across in the support forum. Thanks again for the update and content. Happy Holidays ^-^
  2. So for PC you light your torch by clicking the "add fuel" button while it is equipped. Okay haha. I should have discovered this by myself and feel silly but I am grateful for the responses dudes. Hope you guys have fun!
  3. I don't want to report it as a bug because it's technically not and Hinterland may have even meant to make this change, but after the update I noticed that while I'm holding an unlit torch I can't light it on a fire anymore... it just brings up the menu to either add fuel, take torch, cook, water. It's not too hard to add another stick and just take a torch but being able to light your torch on another torch but not on a fire is a little weird. Right click doesn't work either.. am I missing something? Still pumped to check out this update it brought me back and I've been carrying 6 rabbit pelts with me to make sure I could cover the hat when it came out. I'm about to take a hike to craft it right now ^-^. Been a fan for years now! Thanks for the content!
  4. Do cargo containers from the plane spawn as usual? Do they just have not as much loot in them?
  5. Thanks for replies. I took the opportunity to go to Desolation Point in my deteriorating state and proceed to make another hatchet + other tools. My last night there was when the parasites passed. I ended up not looking for bunkers, but currently just arrived on TWM. Now I'm wondering if there are even any supply containers.
  6. Do the bunkers in PV and ML spawn in Interloper mode? I've got crafted deer boots and pants, rabbit gloves, and wolfskin coat and still I am at least mid rate falling in temperature outside in the best weather. Most of the time I'm dropping rapidly. Also, I just got intestinal parasites AFTER I hit level 5 cooking skill (I think I ate the piece that gave me the % chance before I skilled up). Lucky me. Anyways, I can't make it far outside without freezing and snow shelters are still like -5C inside of them. If the bunkers don't spawn, or are empty like everything else, I simply cannot look for them.
  7. Make a fire relatively close to where you're going to shoot your animal. Put your bedroll down next to it. Get your animal as close as you can to your fire/bed roll w/o spooking. Shoot the animal-if it runs away wounded, go to your bedroll asap and rest 1 hour or 2 or however long you think its gonna bleed out. Should freeze the animal somewhat in place and make it bleed out while you sleeping.
  8. Okay so you sleep in snow shelters by going to radial menu and selecting your bedroll. In a snow shelter, you can still be attacked by animals. When you have a BEARSKIN bedroll in your inventory and go to the radial menu, you can choose to rest there as well. Is there a difference in choosing to rest in a snow shelter by clicking your bearskin bedroll vs your regular bedroll. In other words, am I protected by wildlife while sleeping when I select my bearskin bedroll to rest from within the snow shelter?
  9. Pic 1: Material required mixed close together Pic 2: In front of trapper's cabin in Mystery Lake, up the tree you can walk up and onto the rock it's conjoined to, you try to place a fire there and it's submerged in snow. Pic 3: After picking up all the books in main base in pleasant valley (homestead?) and dropping them they all turned into the same book. Pic 4: Left a footprint in a rock going up to the hydro dam from the winding river from pleasant valley Pic 5: Wolf stuck on that piece of ice even when bear came down and scared it. For whatever it's worth. That's it ^.^
  10. This might be a really simple fix. It says zero arrows because it's referencing how many arrows you have in your inventory. The one arrow you have is resting on the bow. If you can't shoot the arrow, make sure that you are not crouched. Stand up, then try to fire. Should work.
  11. Also the reason I was going to desolation point in the first place is because I was losing all my arrows to glitching in timberwolf mountain. I would shoot a deer or a bear with an arrow and when it died wit would fall on the side of the arrow and the arrow would become irretrievable even after the animals body disappeared.
  12. So I was playing on stalker mode at around 155 days moving from Timberwolf Mountain back to Desolation Point to craft arrows. I had spent 1 day in Pleasant Valley at the Homestead to retrieve a hammer and some coal for the forge. I had only 7 hours of daylight left when I departed the little cottage near Coastal Highway in Pleasant Valley due to a blizzard for the first half of the day. When I entered Coastal Highway from Pleasant Valley, I went left and used a flare to get past the band of wolves that roams around the lookout. I proceeded to follow the trail down until it turned back right, then I got off the trail to the left. I came down to the blue trailer with a bear hanging out around it. I decided that I wasn't going to be able to make it the rest of the way to my base in Coastal Town with the remaining light, my fatigue, and the heavy fog that had set. I rested in the blue trailer for the night. Early the next morning, I departed once again. Somewhere shortly after leaving that trailer the game went dark. I couldn't get a response from my computer. I had to power off my computer via pulling the cord out of the wall to get a response. When I reloaded the game, there was no saved game. I put a lot of work into that... was having a great time on Timberwolf Mountain. I don't know that I can start over again... god why?!
  13. Yes I've had this happen to me twice at trapper's homestead. Once I followed the trail and was puzzled as the blood trail led under the rock wall. Was standing there looking at it thinking, well this is just nice, when the deer came running out of the wall right past me again. Caught me off guard. I pooped a little. That same deer turned back to the rock wall and started ascending an imaginary cliff (next to the real one) then dropped back suddenly and finally died in the corner at the top. I got to loot that one, second one I didn't. Glad it's being worked on .
  14. OS: Windows 7 sorry. Don't think that matters in this instance though.
  15. I'm new to coastal highway map. I made my way to the coastal TOWN (collection of houses and store tightly packed) and proceeded to start looting. I stored my things in a house with 2 entrances. I left the house and came back with more loot. I entered the house from the side door, (went into front door first time), and found all my things to be missing and the house was reset. I exited the house and went to the front entrance and entered to find all my things exactly how I left them. I went back to the side door and the house was reset again, I looted it once more then exited and went to the front to find all my things still in place. I visited another house on the lakeside I had already looted and went through it's alternate door. Again, the building was reset and available for loot, while entering from the first door I had gone in to loot it initially showed the house to already be looted. TL:DR You can double loot houses in coastal town by going in different doors. Each door is a new instance of the house.