Food Poisoning (Or: I'm an idiot)


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So, first time back playing regularly... Been away since late September 2015.  I had apparently forgotten how basically any of this works, in the meantime. Loaded up an old save, (54 days survived) and picked up where I left off.  My survivor ate a low-quality chocolate bar, and gave himself food poisoning while on an extended foraging run. So I opened the medical tab (using the radial, which is a new feature since I last played. Love it.) and I see that he can take antibiotics, and needs 10 hours of rest. 

Unfortunately, I read that as: Take antibiotics OR get ten hours of rest. So I put down a bedroll, selected 10 hours of sleep, and let it go. 

Woke up at 15% condition. 

With as much as this survivor had gone through back in Sept of 2015...  I almost killed him with a moldy Hershey bar.


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Yeah, it was a real "Oh, riiiiiight..." kinda moment. I immediately told my brother, who laughed and called me a moron.

All in all, it was a pretty great reminder of the nature of this game.

Nothing like nearly dying due to carelessness to really drive home the kinda stakes we're dealing with. :) 

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