WHITEOUT | Blind Attempt


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Hi everyone!

My name's Hadrian. If you've never seen me out on the interweb, I've been producing YouTube episodes of The Long Dark since last November and have been playing it since it was released to early access. You can learn more about the channel in my latest "Look Ahead" Channel Update.

My flagship series in The Long Dark has been Against All Odds (Season 2 - Season 1), a sandbox romp currently in its second season and rapidly approaching the survival time of my first YouTube playthrough from earlier in the year and last year (~79 days).

But aside from those mammoth series, it's taken me way too long to dive into any of The Long Dark's new challenge modes. I haven't played them. At all. Not even off-camera.

Seriously, everyone and their mother—and my girlfriend, who's already beaten WhiteOut—have been on me to do one of these. It ends today! You can watch the Intro right here on the Hinterland forums.




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Whiteout goes well! I will neither confirm nor deny that I recorded the rest of the series' episodes last night, to be released daily @ 3p Eastern Daylight Time until the series concludes! Did I win? Did I make it? Did I find the hatchet? Not to mention the bloody rifle?

Follow along to find out. Here's Episode 5!


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