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Fellow pilgrims, voyagers, stalkers.

Let's talk about game design. While I'm certain the devs have more than a few surprises waiting for us in the story mode, I wonder what kind of buildings/structures could enrich the game experience.

Coal mines, for example, are interesting because they quench our thirst for exploration and may connect two or more areas, while requiring the player to spend resources, such as flares or lantern oil. Civilian homes are a way to let the player have a shelter and gear up; they may also tell a story about their previous owners. (And it's worth mentioning that, along with cabins and trailers, IMO there's already enough of this building type in the game.) I've never seen a dam from inside, and I loved exploring one, albeit virtually (and probably not depicted in a precisely accurate way, but still!). The broken railroad counts as a structure too!

So I guess we can't really complain about variety of experiences; but I'm still curious: what kind of buildings/structures do you think would be interesting to see added to the game?

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A yacht?  Costal highway is on either a huge lake or the ocean, not sure which.  Or a few pontoons locked in the ice.   Or a large ship type, barge?  ice locked?  or just a ship yard.... (place where they store boats on land.  like a trailer park for boats =P

Semi-truck with trailer or tanker, just randomly left somewhere like the cars.

Log cabins, just for something visually different and could actualy be in the area.

thats all i got for now.

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7 hours ago, Paleojake said:

I'd like to see an actual campground. Maybe an RV or two and tents. Maybe have it so you can carry the tent as a weak impromptu shelter. Especially beneficial if they add seasons.

I like the campground idea a lot! Can't wait to see what seasons is going to look like in the LD, if it's going to happen that is...

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