Dear Hinterlands, is there anything you need our help with??


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As we all know, the scheduled release of the Story Mode was suppose to be this past spring. As a community, I believe we've all been very patient and grateful for the exciting things Hinterlands has added to the game with the latest updates.

The thought of trying now to put it all together in Story Mode must be a daunting task for the developers. The Story mode, (at least from the suggestions of the trailers) will add a whole new moral dilemma to the game that we have not had to deal with to this point......... The possible interaction with NPC's in some form or another, good, or bad which could very much change the entire feel of the game depending on how it's implemented.

I think we all, as a community, have our own ideas and thoughts of how the Story Mode should play out. Should it be dark and foreboding and something that brings out the worst in people?, ...... or should there be a feeling of desperation, but hope and desire for an uplifting outcome that brings out the good in people?

I don't know how the Story Mode will play out. And I can't even imagine what it would be like for the Developers to try to incorporate human morality into this beautiful game.

But if there's anything your "stuck on" Hinterlands ..... or anything you need our help or input on ....... just let us know................. We're here for you!!

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