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Hai folks, figured i'd have a sheet of paper ready when playing TLD, just incase i get ideas on the fly and here's with what i came up with, i might update this list with more ideas as times goes on.
This might be a bit long.

*Feats have multiple ranks; (includes minor changes to the already existing feats.)
Rank 1: Bronze, Rank 2: Silver, Rank 3: You guessed it; Gold
Players who unlock platinum ranks will be rewarded with bonusses that apply to all sandbox characters (includes already existing ones), players should be able to toggle these bonusses on/off.
Therefore, bronze,silver and gold ranks of bonusses should not be shared through all characters, progress should also not be shared for the bronze, silver and gold bonusses, but all progress towards the platinum rank should be shared, this creates two great options in an otherwise one option thing: Getting Platinum bonus for all sandbox characters through team work or getting from bronze to gold and then eventually platinum on one sole survivor. Either way this allows to player to mix it up a little bit.
Therfore, feats should no longer stack progress from multiple characters in sandbox but should still stack progress from any character made in challenge mode.

-Cold Fusion: Nothing burns like the cold.
Bronze: You've survived for 50 days outdoors, your natural windchill resistance has increased by +2°C
Silver: You've survived for 150 days outdoors, your natural resistance to cold has increased by +2°C
Gold: You've survived for 300 days outdoors, both your natural resistances to cold and windchill have increased by another +1°c for a total of +3°C.
Platinum: You've survived for total of 1000 days outdoors, it now takes 15 seconds longer to completely loose the temporary warmer temperature gained from being indoors, near a fire or etc..

-Efficient Machine: It's amazing when you figure out how to get more with less.
Bronze: You've survived for 250 days, you now consume 5% less calories from all foods and beverages.
Silver: You've survived for 500 days, you now consume 10% less calories from all foods and beverages
Gold: You've survived for 1000 days, your body now requires 10% less water for it to work at full efficiency.
Platinum: You've survived for a total of 1500 days, [....]

-Fire Master: Since the house is on fire let us warm ourselves.
Bronze: You've succesfully lighted 50 fires, it now takes 10% less effort to get a fire started. (time to light a fire decreased by 10%)
Silver: You've succesfully lighted 200 fires, It now takes 20% less effort to get a fire started.
Gold: You've succesfully lighted 500 fires, It now takes 30% less effort to get a fire started .
Platinum: You've succesfully lighted a total of 1000 fires, it now takes 25% more time for your fire sources to be blown, brands and torches last 25% longer.

-Free Runner: In these times the best men don't run for president, they run for their lives.
Bronze: You've sprinted 25Km, your body gets 10% less quickly tired while sprinting or walking.
Silver: You've sprinted 75Km, your body gets 20% less quickly tired while sprinting or walking, your stamina has increased by 10%
Gold: You've sprinted 200Km, your stamina has increased by another 10% for a total of 20%
Platinum: You've sprinted for a total of 500Km, your body magically ;) burns 15% less calories while sprinting or walking.

-Snow Walker: Every mile is two in winter.
Bronze: You've walked 150Km, your stamina bar recharges 5% faster.
Silver: You've walked 300Km, your stamina bar recharges 10% faster.
God:You've walked 600Km, your stamina bar recharges 15% faster.
Platinum: You've walked a total of 1000Km, your stamina bar recharges 15% faster (stacks with platinum)

*Random ideas/improvements:
1: Make drinking water or having water in your system a necessity.
2: Prybar can be used for breaking down pallets and crates into small planks.
3: Place items insde crates, these items start to degrade at a slower rate.
4. Able to enter/exit building while ducked.

I'll have to finished this some other time, i had to re-write the whole thing (this is about half) because it didn't post it, something went wrong, good thing i did write it all down but i'm out of time now.
Feel free to leave your thoughts, thanks!
Edit 2: that's it, rewrote the whole damn thing, didn't save it, i give up, damn this forum.


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