Deer Raw Material (Antlers & Bone), Weapons, Bow Crouching, & Consitutional Improvments Over Time


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I have enjoyed the game though it took me a little while to get use to the concepts needed to survive including the incredibly useful bunker-caches.  In any case, I have been playing the game for a while and I have wondered at the reason I cannot make better use of the deer.  I would love to see the ability to make use of the antlers for several weapons - stabbing knife (while they lack a blade - getting point of antler rammed into you or wolf - would drive this point home), a spear (again, same concept just add a long stick and tie the point to the end), and a mace (two antlers tied to the end of a stout stick).  I would imagine bone might be useful as well - leg bone club or leg bone snapped to create a point - spear or knife or short sword (aka longer than a knife) again purely for stabbing).

With regard to weapons, I think that a spear would be great for keeping wildlife at a distance or to set against a charge or to spear fish and a mace would make a great weapon against wolves (and even rabbits or deer when the run virtually right by you - probably a game issue as I am not sure that would happen too often - but if they do, why not club them... especially the rabbits.

Also, I am not sure the reason that the survival bow can not be drawn and fired from crouching position.

One of the things that might be a great improvable skills is the ability to move faster in crouch position and to become healthier and/more robust over time - move faster, last longer, and endure more - remember even a 1-5% improvement could make all the difference.



  • Animal Additions (Some Already Suggested)
    • Cougars, Fox, Salmon, Trout
  • Animal Raw Materials (Weapons)
    • Bear - Bones & Claws (especial Jaw-Bone & Teeth)
    • Deer Raw Materials - Bones & Antlers
    • Wolf Raw Materials - Bones & Possibly Teeth
  • New Weapons
    • Ax (Modern / Not Hatchet) - Tree Felling Type 
    • Daggers & Long Knives
      • Chivs/Shivs (Modern Day Prison Knife)
      • Dagger (Bone & Antler)
      • Long Knife (Deer Leg - More Like Pointed Short Sword w/o Blade)
    • Club (Leg Bone w/Joint Ball or Stout Limb)
    • Hatchet (Primitive & Modern)
    • Long Knife (Deer Leg)
    • Machete (Modern)
    • Spear (Antler, Bone, or Metal Head or Sharpened Wood Points)
    • Spiked Club (Antlers, Wood & Scrap Metal - Stout Brach Plus Nails)
    • Staff (Blunt or Spiked)
  • New Weapon Statistics
    • Reach
      • Spear - First Strike, Hold At Bay, & Set Against Charge
      • Staff - First Strike, Hold At Bay (?)
    • Thrown
      • Clubs, Hatchets, Hunting Knives, Spears
  • New Weapon (Concepts)
    • Native American & Inuit Weapons
    • Primal (Far Cry)
  • Survival Bow
    • Draw & Fire from Crouched Position
    • Sharpened Wood Arrow Tips (Sharp Wood Points - Useful Only For Rabbits or Fishing But Can Make Difference Of Life & Death)
  • Constitutional Improvement - Over Time Character Gains Strength and Endurance and Resistance To Infection / Even if you made it a small 1-2% difference capped at 110% or 120% earned over 15-20 days at a time - it may make all the difference - people do improve over time and with exposure (e.g., the main character in the movie - Never Cry Wolf)
    • Strength (Carry More; Open Things Faster w/Burn Less Calories; Small Improvements In Damage To Opponents w/Strength Based Weapons)
    • Accuracy/Dexterity/Agility (Weapon-Type) - I can think of a lot of ways to group weapons or just do them individually (e.g., Modern Pistols & Rifles; Thrown Weapons; Bows; Hand Held Weapons, etc.,).  It might be a general category or two different categories.  Personally, I would suggest having two categories - one skill specific - weapon by type skill (crafting skill, fire building skill) AND a general agility-dexterity skill which applies a small percentage to all relevant skills (e.g., I could see dexterity and weapon skill bonuses added together to improve accuracy).  Again, I am not suggesting we create super-hero levels but I do think small improvements - 1-2% capped at 110% or 120% would be outside the bounds of the game dynamics. 
    • Endurance (Hike/Run Longer w/Less Calorie Burn; Take More Punishment/Take Less Damage)
    • Movement (Small % Increase In Movement Speeds - Climbing, Running, Walking)
    • Resistance To Infection or Illness (w/Survival Of Said - What Does Not Kill You Makes You Stronger [Er... at least sometimes])
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