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  1. I am not sure that this is a possibility... however, the ability to mark cave walls would be nice (wink-nudge-tease). It would be a lot of work to have people be able to write things... but you could have several different colors and symbols - so when a character uses the can they can choose between one of a few colors (e.g., traffic lane yellow and white plus blue and red seem common enough and then choosing between a few symbols could be done with a little ease (e.g., arrows :  / daggers : † ‡ / skull/crossbones : ¤) would do the trick.
  2. While I agree a spear would be cool (and was, in fact, one of my early recommendations for the game prior to fixing of combat system), I think it cannot happen without a nearly complete overhaul of the combat system - really it is that simple. If you want a game with full primitive combat abilities, I suggest the Far Cry - Primal. Again, I am not suggesting that it would not be cool or reasonable... but, seriously, it would require a significant revisiting of the entire combat system. I would also add that, in reality, wolves travel in good size packs and operative in a highly skilled and organized fashion tracking and stalking and harassing prey for miles and in the final take down would come with several at once grabbing multiple limbs or take down and invariably your throat - closing and/or tearing out windpipe. Even adding in a little of this would be cruel to players... imagine five wolves track you across the landscape (they do not tire like you) all the while keeping their distance, then suddenly, 2-3 rush you (remember they are smart so 1 in your visual field might feint or attack... but the others - your blind-sides of course... snapping and biting - resulting in significant clothing damage and injuries (and possible infection)... after a quick assault, they retreat... shadowing you... 10-25 meters away, moving about in the shadows and just out of reach, but now you've got injuries - sprains, bleeding, and you're energy is dimished... because you did fight back a bit. Even at the higher challenge game modes where there are a lot of wolves, these are nothing like real skilled pack hunts... you can have your spears... in reality a wolf pack is nothing a lone spear-men would fair well against. Trust me... if reality is what you want... feral-rabid wolves and pack hunting would render the game no fun for players in no time - spears or no spears. Again, Far Cry Primal is what you are looking for... it's a different kind of game but one where you have spear combat.
  3. In truth, I think that people fail to understand just how much of a challenge creating a modern weapon is... assuming you start from zero (absolute scratch). I do, however, have a bunch of thoughts: RIFLE ROUNDS - It is possible to make your own rounds though the game would have to add in several materials (copper, lead, and gunpowder at a minimum). It would also require that you have a location where you can cast jackets and smelt lead and create final product. Personally, I like finite bullets (or extremely limited production line). Obviously, I would limit the ability to create them by requiring a high RIFLE-FIREARM SKILL (and to balance things out - you might have accuracy penalties, decreased damage (especially again bears), increased wear on rifle (requires more cleaning), and increased chance of jam-misfire with self made rounds). Challenge can be increased by requiring high (3+ fire building) and decent cooking (unless you add in a crafting to manage the forge. CUDGEL (NIGHT STICK) - While I think that any stout stick would do when combating a wolf, I get you want to make the game challenging so.... I thought that the game could include 3-5 night sticks and/or crowbar style wrecking bars tucked away (maybe in a locker or car or even a police car... there are police in rural and wild country Canada right... ?). I thought that as an alternative to creating a bow, you could carve (ax or knife) a cudgel. With regard to effectiveness with blunt weapons, I think that there at a lot of ways to go here: (1) Keep it simple and just have it do decent impact damage leading to death, (2) have a little depth - less damage (though some real physical damage) PLUS chance to stun and chance to cause wolves to flee. SIDE NOTE: Pry Bar/Wrecking Bar might be used as well... with your current thin bar (maybe half-effective), but a decent wrecking bar of the crow-bar style - solid and heavy would be just as a effective. Anyway.... CUDGEL & RABBITS - Higher chance to stun and stun time x2 to x3 longer than with stone. Reasonable chance to kill a rabbit outright. CUDGEL & WOLVES - Defensive & Offensive FRIGHTEN & DEFEND SELF - You aim to keep wolf at a distance and focus on faster glancing blows - damage reduced (half or quarter) with fair chance to cause the wolf to flee (based on skill and wolves health - better hunters hurt them more and more injured animals are likely to flee) with a pretty small chance to stun wolves (does not render unconscious) which renders wolves unable to attack and easier to hit for 1-2 seconds (allowing you to land one [Harvesting Skill/Hunters] additional blow or run away from wolf) wolves recovering from a stun must make a fear check at a penalty or flee after recovering from stun. Critical hit results could (1) double chance of stunning or (2) auto stun. FIGHT TO DEATH - You aim to kill the wolf with more powerful blows which cause full damage (slower strikes) with a chance to stun wolves. Critical hit doubles chance (or automatic) to stun and has a chance to render them unconscious. Unconscious wolves can be left alone (and will recover in a little while), killed (with repeated blows of ax, cudgel, or knife or shot with arrow or gun), or killed outright by those with decent HARVESTING SKILL (e.g., brain with cudgel, slit throat or otherwise deliver death in single strike - like with rabbits. ARM GUARD - While I might never have thought about arm guard on the front end should I have been the downed pilot myself, I can tell you that I would have ABSOLUTELY made one after my first combat with the wolves - again a couple of stout branches wrapped in leather around my forearm to protect my clothes and my arm as the wolf latches onto my arm and I hack (ax), pummel (cudgel), and stab (knife). In terms of game effects, I would suggest the damage to clothing be significantly reduced (though to the arm guard a good amount of damage) and a decent reduction in personal injuries and infection as the arm guard absorbs the blow. In total, I would suggest that arm guards, left unrepaired, last 3 wolf attacks assuming no wolf criticals. BIG BAD BEARS When it comes to bears, BEAR COMBAT is just an entirely different level - obviously the effectiveness of a cudgel, night stick, and/or arm guard be much less effectively against an the onslaught of a bear - rendering unconscious - lol - good luck on that - but small chances to daze-frighten (probably more annoy - aka 'stupid human is not worth the effort') and cause the bear to withdraw for a brief time might be reasonable. ANY HOW.... I continue to love this game and commend all those working on it... KUDOS!!!!
  4. In terms of initial forays, I would agree though there are times when that fails... when you have a left, right, left, left, right, as the pathway for a cavern on uses to traverse back and forth... there is a cavern where what I am explaining applies - it's damn annoying to go winding about
  5. cekivi - as a moderator, please feel free to move this post to the most appropriate part of the forum... thanks for the assist...
  6. Greetings, I have added comments to the wish list regarding weapons and purposes (first strike, hold game at distance, thrown weapons, and so on). So, I thought I would add two videos that help make the point, provide some research support, and suggest ideas: Bows (Lethality) Distance - Deer & Hog Pass Throughs - See Pictures of Bowman's Kills (Interspersed In Video) Primitive Weapons Atlatls (Darts) - Rabbits & Small Game - Even Wolves Spears (Actual Spears) & Distance - Hogs, Wolves, & Such... Given Materials - Long Shaft (wood or even hollow melt pipe fitted with knife blade, sharpened garden spade, and so on). Arrows (Blunt, Really Blunt, Not Field Tip) - Stunning Small Prey (Rabbits, Squirrels, Chipmunks) - Might Even Stun A Wolf (Make Them Run Away or Hold Distance For A Bit In A Pinch), before you find arrowheads you could still be able to make sharp wood or blunt stunning arrows. Arrows - Books & In-Game Skill Building - This Guy Makes His Own Talks About Improvements Over Time - Albeit Briefly But Great For Book In Story Mode & Skill Improvements. Arrows & Arrow Heads - As the game develops, I would love to see a very limited number of long-lasting bows - still require regular maintenance - animal fat polishing, cleaning, and sinew string upkeep - but something where the bows can last an entire game with the right maintenance - just like a pistol or rifle. Same with a handful of aluminum arrows with steel heads - proper care and sharpening, of course, but with regular maintenance - they last and last. Again, limited number, maybe guarded by a serious animal or at the end of a ravine with a pack of wolves or grizzly or some such (or way-up on a ledge). Celtic Stone Ax (How To Make)... all I have to say is dang! between this guys bow and arrows and stone ax - wow - nice! Also, skill for book might be fire hardening - allowing weapons to last much longer than they do ... fire hardening as a skill. Machete (By Hand w/Scrap Metal & Hand Tools Save Heat Treating) - Maybe Forge Only Item (Different Variation) Sling (and Sling Staff) - Easy & Powerful (like Atlatls staff adds serious power and in this case can double as a club or staff) - accuracy is definitely a skill set, but it can be an effective weapon and slingers (people who used these all them time) were damn good at hitting what they slung at... David & Goliath... while felling a giant may not be possible, the point is these were used as weapons and people were darn a good at them when the practiced. (While the video is interesting... the historical account in the last 3-5 minutes is remarkable testament to sling and slingers - even over ancient archers starts around 11-minutes - video is not bad). Traps (Bow Trap) - Crazy, wolves, deer, npcs (wink)? In summary, I know that some of these ideas would require learning - a great idea for book learning and skill development over time. Once the game gets going in full mode, I can even see including a forge on 1-2 more maps (in realistic places) because finding it does not mean you know how to use it. In order to survive in the sandbox some skills are assumed... because without full support system you have to be able to play... developing better weapons - learning to make simple weapons, stone and bone weapons, and then eventually iron and steel. Great learning trees and skill development is possible. Okay, I found this video and I thought I would add a little humor - this guy is nuts and sure does not mind being bitten: Wild man Andrew Ucles (Real Life Tarzan)
  7. I like the ideas though I would suggest that more debilitating injuries should be co-developed with more in game stuff - part of the issue is making things too difficult without support structures in the game is not realistic either... aka, there are so many more weapons that could be created to fight-off and keep game at a distance (or kill from a distance) that do not require rifle. Personally, I would suggest several heavy spears and a high scalable rock column for bear hunting... :). Anyway, great ideas, though the supportive structures need to present to balance the game both ways.
  8. Greetings, I know for some of you this is old news; however, in watching my share of 'let's videos,' I have watched people miss these things: HOUSES - it plays to make a 360º sweep of the exterior of houses as there sometime things behind the houses - in fact, in one map there is a common spot for a dead guy and a rifle that is commonly missed. CAVERNS (& ANY PLACE YOU NEED REFERENCE POINTS): Caves - Red Flares make a great (temporary) trail marker (drop them) which you can pick-up on the way back. Remember, if you want to find your way back, leave the marker at the mouth of the cave out of which you are coming *not* the mouth of the correct Y junction, so you always know the cave mouth you need to enter to go back. Once you know the pathway, to set permanent markers - build a single stick fire as they cost nothing as burn-out super quick - if you are going to be traveling back and forth through a ravine or cavern system with turn-offs - you might need to build a fare amount of fires - but build one at cave opening you are coming from and going into to make it clear - both going and coming back - which mouths you want for direct travel to-and-from without getting lost. Obviously, explore side paths, get loot, but once you have... you want the fastest routes and least wandering. It would be great if the game let you mark your trails with paint, spray paint, knife cuts in trees, or even cave walls with charcoal arrows from torch, flare, or what not... so far, it is a bread-crumb approach with red flares as they are easy to see and are not eaten by wildlife. Happy Hunting & Trail Blazing... `Tyger~
  9. With regard to game mechanics, I am not 100% sure about inside and outside game actions running parallel. I am sure that they could and probably do, at least, in proximity to the home... if a wolf gives chase and you enter the house and leave 10 seconds later is it frozen mid-stride? Now, whether the game runs the wolves actions, or makes random approximation - is another matter. In other words, if a deer is grazing outside the farm house, does it simply randomly respawn in the area that it spawns in normally, hence it looks like it... or does it actually calculate movement and have it move around. Guess that is one for game developers to answer. Whether it is bears, wolves, ravens, raccoons, scavengers will come.... At present, however, I have left animals out for a few days and nothing has ever disturbed my kills. I do not do that when I am playing serious, but when I do dry runs or pilgrim map crawl in Mystery Lake when I first started (aka learn game mechanics). Oh, and one other factor is, fresh kill can be butchered and skinned by hand (no ax and no hunting knife required)... once it freezes you need gear preferably the hunting knife as it is faster and, as a result of speed and efficiency, does less wear-and-tear on the knife (less wear-and-tear is my guess... never really compared... but it is much faster that I know).
  10. Hmmm, I lack the experience regarding bear-sized game though it makes sense, and I would think that, once moving a carcass is added that finding your carcass begins attracting other animals is a great idea. I should like to see a sledge and tarp added and maybe general tackle rope... I believe climbing rope is in the game as is fishing line made from animal gut). Lol, it would be less than funny to find a bear or wolverine or a couple of wolves making a meal of the last quarters of the game you bagged and left.
  11. Wolverines (Wikipedia) Wolverines (Canadian Geographic)
  12. Greetings, While these are not comprehensive, some add no value in terms of hunting, some maybe on the list to come (or in game where I have not been), and some may not be common in the province in which the game is set; however, with that said, I do think the list is a great list to start and work out (or whittle down from)... http://www.canadiangeographic.ca/kids/animal-facts/animals.asp Here My List (Over Inclusive & Some Are Suggested In Works, But...): Bears (Brown, Grizzly, Kermode) ** Beavers ** Caribou Chipmunk (Mice - See Never Cry Wolf - Wolves Eat Them Humans Can Too) * Fisher (Weasel) ** Fox (Arctic or Red) ** Goose (Canadian or Other) * Great Blue Heron * Grouse Hare [Rabbit] (Add Arctic If Regionally/Seasonally Appropriate) Lynx (Canadian) - Nice & Potentially Dangerous In Voyager/Stalker Modes ** Loon (or Variants) Moose ** Owls ** Otter ** Pronghorn * Racoon ** Salmon ** Swan (Tundra or Other) Trout (Rainbow & Other) ** Wolverine ** ** - I like the most * - Also Like
  13. Yeah, I could be wrong though it would seem to be an easy though thing to add a 'pass time' and 'rest' wheel option to all of the larger comfortable chair-and-a-half chairs and a wheel with 'pass time' (without option to 'rest' aka sleep) for wooden chairs as these options are stock and universal and their is no animation of characters sitting down to create... so assigning this option could, it seems to me, be added pretty easily. As to tables, oh nice! One of those less than obvious gems to know... I noticed in trying this out, I had to drop the item, then click on it... I guess the improvement for future is to allow drop-down menu from inventory, but ... hey this works. One of the big issues I have always had with survival games is their are very few introduction sequences where you can learn basic human and game mechanics that are things you should know as a person without giving anything on the in game side away. In this game within the story-mode, I would suggest that you the pilot have the option to have a tutorial where you are pre-disaster and walk around an office or small plane airport or live a little piece of your life pre-disaster where you learn how basic equipment works, walk-run, aim, light things, and put things on a counter... lol. In these games, it is fine to learn all of the harsh survival things but I learned to walk and run and put things on a counter as an infant and child... basic interactive features should be obvious, learned in pre-game, or detailed in instructions. In any case, that's my 2-cents. Thanks for table heads-up.
  14. HUNTERS SHARING KNOWLEDGE ON MOVING DEER: http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=281506 http://www.gameandfishmag.com/hunting/hunting_whitetail-deer-hunting_ra_1105_03/ SIMPLE ROPE METHOD (Warning : Real Dead and/or Dead & Gutted Animals In These Videos): Deer Rope Method Deer Tarp Method - Note Comment About Snow; Note Use With Boar (So Wolves No Issues...)
  15. Greetings, I am not certain as to the reason one is forced to butcher, gut, and skin one's kills in the field. Rabbits (and future small game animals) - It is EASY to pick-up a rabbit and carry one - let alone a few. Wolves (and future dog-to-cougar sized animals) - Less easy and a bit of work though not too hard... Deer - Some Work, Some Know How... Though Not Impossible... (and remember, my character starts with the knowledge of how to butcher, gut, skin, and process fur hides... so boning out and quartering is not a real stretch now is it). I mention this... because it makes NO SENSE that I have to address the issue in the field when it is closer to dark than I would like or the weather does a sudden shift or it is otherwise life or death. It would be MUCH MUCH MORE PRACTICAL to move the carcass back to base camp. I am not saying butcher medium or large game indoors (fish and rabbits and small game sure) though you could, if you wanted, or in life for death food and freezing situation It does, however, make sense to bring it within 25-100 yards of base camp - got out work for 30-90 minutes, warm-up, 30-90 minutes, etc., and not trek a 0.25 to 1 mile back and forth... that's just dumb - especially, for a character that knows how to butcher, guy, and skin several different animals and make clothes from them. LARGE GAME: While bears are another matter (and maybe moose depending on how big the game developers make them), I think deer, small moose, and wolves can all be move, especially over the ever common snow (which really reduces friction), by dragging and by making a stretcher or using tarp or using hunter's tricks (see below). SUMMARY: What does not make sense is always choosing to butcher it in the field, especially in dangerous conditions. And, while the game development has not caught-up with this aspect, with wolves and wolves as hungry as these wolves are in voyager and stalker modes... leaving a carcass overnight is 'feeding the wolves' not you and you might have a fight on your hands the next day, if they have not finished and you return. Even in pilgram mode, I think attempting to take food from a hungry wolf will not go well.