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I have just noticed something odd on my most recent play through. I don't know the exact numbers of how this works but here are the factors.

1) walking increases rate of exhaustion but not calories burnt 2) calories are burnt slower when sleeping than awake (I think).

This means you can make your food last longer if you walk around in circles all day, so you can spend more time sleeping. A little counter intuitive. I might be wrong after crunching the exact numbers but based on the number of arrows in the condition bars, this seems to be  the case.

I'm on the hunted challenge trying to survive as long as I can. Currently on day 75 and efficient use of calories is really important because it is so dangerous to forage.

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@ShawnB I have no metrics for walking vs... walking(?) but I can confirm that sleeping is the lowest calorie activity in the game. There used to be an exploit that is slowly being addressed where you could sleep for a week and survive with only one or two steaks.

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