Sustainability Possible?


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Been watching videos/streams of this game. Is it possible to created a sustainable game, as in one that isn't a timer that is constantly ticking down, and you just delay it with depleting consumables.

Meaning is it possible to have never ending supplies of the required items to sustain life, such as food (which seems to be the toughest to come by).

I assume loot doesn't re-spawn.

The degrading can-opener drives me nuts.

Game looks really cool though.


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One thing you will eventually run out is tinder (newspaper etc)

After that you cant make fires anymore.

You cant become completely sustainable. Currently the point is to consume the resources of the map as slowly as possible.

Food and firewood are virtually unlimited, though. Wild animals will depopulate if you over hunt them, but they will come back in time.

Crafting in the future should solve this. Crafting your own tinder from dried bark for an example.

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