Alpha Sandbox Updated to v.117 (Early Access)

Guest Alan Lawrance

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Guest Alan Lawrance

The Long Dark -- Sandbox Alpha v.117 Changelist

September 22nd, 2014



NOTE: Please remember that The Long Dark Sandbox Alpha is in a constant state of flux as we continue to fix bugs and tune the game. Gameplay features or tuning values are often experimental, and may be modified or even removed between updates.

Found some bugs? Please report them in the Hinterland Community forums at:



* You can now choose between a Male and Female survivor “persona” before playing in Sandbox mode.

* The entire User Interface has been completely overhauled with updated artwork and streamlined functionality.

Art & Animation

* All clothing items now have proper models.

* You now leave a blood trail when suffering Blood Loss.

* Fixed Wolf stalking animations and foot sliding.

* Removed the tab from the can of Pinnacle Peaches because we’re all about quality and realism on this team.


* Added VO for female survivor persona.

* Tuned all VO triggers and levels.

* New music stingers.

* Added new sound for harvesting and item degradation.

Gameplay & Tuning

* All Wildlife spawns have been tuned to be more random. Expect to see wildlife where you haven’t typically seen it.

* All Gear is now more randomized. Expect to find gear where you haven’t typically found it.

* The Gear Condition system has been improved to better handle gear breakage. Gear will now have a chance to break based on its Condition value. As a result, most gear items will not decay “on use” as significantly as before, but there is now a chance they can break before they reach 0% Condition.

* Improvements to the way we handle Locked containers. Locked containers now require a Prybar to open, and there is a chance of breaking the Prybar or breaking the Container, rendering it inaccessible.

* Increased indoor movement speeds slightly.

* All Afflictions/Ailments have been tuned, and have updated descriptions.

* Removed the Bandage requirement for healing Sprains. Sprains can now be healed with Painkillers or Rest.

* All Food items have been tuned for Calorie values, Condition Decay, and % chance of Food Poisoning.

* New Food items added to the game.

* All Sub-Conditions (Hunger, Thirst, Fatigue, Freezing) have been tuned to improve their impact on player decision-making.

* All Bed objects have been tuned to differentiate them from each other; also, their Rest characteristics have been modified.

* All Fuel items have been tuned to better balance their weight vs. efficiency. This includes burn duration and heat production values and ranges.

* New Fuel Bottle gear item added.

* Items will now decay even when placed in Containers, but at a reduced rate dependent on container type.

Menus, HUD, UI

* Added a Walk/Run toggle option, available in the Controls settings.

* Fixed item placement and scaling for certain items that didn’t look right in Inspection mode.

* Added rotating Survival quotes on Sandbox loading screen.

* The Tab key will return to the Survival Panel from any Survival Panel sub-menu.

* Added the option to use a 24-hour clock for those for prefer it to AM/PM.


* Fixed issue with mouse sensitivity resetting

* Fixed snow fx issues on Low and Medium detail settings

* VS 2010 Redistributable files install automatically if needed


* Fixed compatibility issues with v.107 saves

* Fixed issue with containers not resetting when "Start New Sandbox" selected after dying

* Fixed typo on death screen (Sandobox -> Sandbox)

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