Stuck between snow bank and retaining wall, Coastal Highway

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244.4, 74.9, 982.4

Self-explanatory.  I tried all sorts of wiggling, to no avail.

Like an idiot I pulled out my bedroll, thinking that I might wake up where I placed it on the ground.  I didn't, the game saved, I'm perma-stuck, on day 97 (voyageur), and my forehead got a mean smackin'.  Totally slipped my mind that the game would save.  

It's one thing to be taken out by a bear or something on day 97...I mean, it'd tick me off a bit but I could live with it, but being taken out by a snow bank and a retaining wall...well, frankly I'm a little bit embarrassed.  In my defence, it was a super mean snowbank. 


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