A bear hunt


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Just tried today's hotfix with a saved run in PV. Based in Radio Control Hut, I ventured out to where the "snow road" approaches the radio tower. A bear was coming up there towards the hut. I felt adventurous and shot at it, and it started running towards me immediately. I turned around and dashed for the hole in the fence, hearing the bear pounding right behind me. When I slipped through the fence, I heard the bear make a groaning noise, and when I turned around, it had veered away from the fence and out of sight. Slipping back through the gap, I saw its footprints in the snow - they went right up to the gap, so it seems that was a very close call.

Now where has the bear gone? I was facing towards the valley, looking where the Farnstead was situated, and from my perspective the bear had descended down the cliffside to my right. Did it run around the cliff to get to that cave near the road? I followed suit, at first guided by footprints and blood, then only blood, and the blood stopped abruptly after about 100m. Bit of a shame, there seems to be something wrong with blood tracks just stopping, lots of folks have reported that. Anyway, I hesitate and listen, and I think I hear a bear running somewhere. And there he comes over a crest quite a way off, but then apparently sees me (?) and runs towards me. Two shots from my gun fail to stop it, and I get mauled. Luckily, I managed to crawl back to Radio Control Hut and recover.

I'm reporting this because I really liked how the bear behaved. At first I presume I broke its pathing by slipping through the fence. But instead of stopping and resuming a casual walk with me in sight on the other side of the fence, it veered off and ran away. Brilliant! And then it came running back at me while I was following the tracks. As if it had laid a trap for me. The hunter becomes the hunted. Superb.

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