Steam Controller issues post hotfix


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Hey Hinterland tech folks! I've come across a strange bug that seems to have popped up for me after the most recent hotfix, and mostly the challenge mode Hopeless Rescue. Details below.

Problem: Steam controller doesn't allow the button assigned for interact to work in wolf struggles. (In this case it's both the A button and the Right back panel button) Neither allow me to interact in a wolf struggle but work fine for interacting in any other instance. (Item use, pickup and confirm) Does not seem to affect other controllers.

Severity: medium-high. It doesn't break the game completely, but it makes things much more difficult, since I end up needing to resort to using my trackpad mouse to complete the wolf struggle.

Reproduction method: Set up a steam controller with Hinterland's default profile. Run the game and begin a challenge mode wolf struggle and observe. Regardless of weapons you may have in inventory, the controller does register that you are fighting back. Only upon using another type of input. (ie: Laptop touchpad/mouse) can you actually fight back. The issue doesn't seem to affect other controllers. (Logitech F series wireless, Xbox 360, PS3/4)

Any suggestions on how to go about fixing this? I've already tried removing and redownloading the profile, restarting the game and Making my own profile. None of the options seems to work at the moment. I'll do some more testing and report back if I find anything new.


EDIT: I don't know if this will make much difference but I am running the game on:

Alienware M17 R1

Windows 7

 16 GB RAM (DDR2 If i recall right)

GeForce 765M (ultra settings)

Intel core i7-4700MQ - (@2.40 GHz)

No over or underclocking, using standard Steam Big picture overlay.

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First thing I'd like you get you try is resetting the profile to the default. We updated the profile and I've had a couple reports of Users having to reset their Steam Controller profile after the update to get our newest version. 

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Reporting back to say resetting it to default didn't help at all. It may be that it's not picking up the updated profile. I'm going to mess around a bit again and get back to you again.

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