Walls are vanishing in interiors as well as furniture. Only loot remains visible, any help?


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When I am inside of any building that doesn't have transparent windows, such as the logging camp buildings. If I look at certain angles all the walls vanish. The furniture is gone, the floors, and only the windows remain. Floating in their position and I can see the skybox all around.Has anyone else had this happen? I found the railyard while trying to fight with my last 12% condition. Went inside and literally could not navigate. Everything vanished and nearly every angle I looked at. All I could see were the windows.

I really enjoy this game even though I've played 2hrs and then died. This is a very annoying issue though and it sucks not being able to really explore interiors. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am on an AMD GPU. I've changed all the settings. From my FOV to SSAO. No change, it still occurs. at first I thought it might be my drivers as I was running pre-crimson drivers because crimson was causing me random crashes on Win10. I've upgraded to the latest Crimson drivers and I went into the same building I tested it with on the old drivers. Nothing happened and I thought it was fixed.....well, I went into another building and no. Still getting the same issues with walls and furniture just vanishing.

I'll put some images of what the bug looks like. I don't know how much this will help but I was on the 15.11 drivers, I have upgraded to the 16.4 drivers. I'm trying a reinstall now as Verifying the game cache on Steam did not help at all. If I made any formatting mistakes sorry, first time on the forums. 


Here's the log for my game as well. 





I forced DirectX9 and that seems to have fixed it. I'll report back on this post if it appears again.

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