Dissappearing Wolf and Arrow

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Summary: After killing a wolf with an arrow, both the wolf and the arrow de-spawned after walking away from them for a short time.

Platform: Xbox One v.304


  1. Kill a wolf with an arrow.
  2. Harvest all meat with Hatchet.
  3. Harvest Hide and Guts with Knife.
  4. Walk away from wolf for 2-3 minutes.
  5. Come back to the wolf.
  6. Observe.

Results: The wolf had de-spawned and took the arrow with it.

Expected Result: The wolf should not have de-spawned yet and the arrow should have been available. OR

The wolf could have de-spawned but the arrow should remain. OR

The arrow should be automatically collected when harvesting a kill. (Preferred solution)


Note: Steps 2 and 3 may not be important to reproduce the bug, but that's what I do in the video. The issue occurs in my latest Let's Play. The hunt starts at 15:45 and lasts about 4 minutes total (sorry I complain a bit since I'm doing a Challenge Series and arrows are important to me). Here is the video. Please let me know if you have any Questions!


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Corpses are intended to depsawn after they are harvested. The arrow should still be on the ground (though it may be hard to see.) The alternative is that the wolf fell on the arrow and pushed it into the ground. If that happened it will be gone. We don't automatically give you the arrow back as it's up to the player to manage and collect their resources. 

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I understand corpses are intended to despawn after harvested, but it's always after a day or so, never within a few minutes.

If the wolf fell onto the arrow and pushed it into the ground, that's also a bug due to the fact that the arrow does not retain collision with the ground.

I understand that the player is supposed to gather their own resources, but if this is a regular problem with players losing items through the ground, then a new mechanic like the one I suggested could be a work around for the issue.

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Thank you for the feedback as we're always working on the game, but currently these are as designed:

There a few things that can change the rate at which a corpse decays, it's not linear. Further, there are times the corpses are forced to decay as well, depending on the needs of the engine. 

The arrow being pushed into the ground is how we handle this situation. Ideally we would roll to break the arrow, but this is not something we're currently pursuing. Leaving collision on would cause a host of other bugs, such as floating corpse (we don't apply physics to dead bodies.) Chances are the arrow would break in these scenarios, the current functionality matches the intention closer then automatically returning the arrow to the player.  We may change this in the future, but currently this is expected. 

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