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  1. Hello there and welcome to my next TLD Series! In this Series, I will attempt to complete 19 of the 22 Steam Achievements for The Long Dark. I'm playing on the Xbox One so I won't actually get the achievements on the screen, but I wanted to have a solid challenge and the achievements are a good guideline. To kick it off, I am immediately starting the Series with the "Living off the Land" Achievement where I can only eat natural plants and meat for 25 Days, and "Silent Hunter" where I can't shoot the Rifle for the first 50 Days. The 3 Achievements I will not complete are: The
  2. Hello there and welcome to my next series where I attempt the Bear Challenge, The Hunted: Part One! Here is a Trailer for my series, and then I will release a new Episode every day until completed! You can Subscribe to my YouTube channel JobbyPawsGaming or check back here for updates! Thanks!