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ive been playing TLD for a while and have noticed a few things

You cant attack animals with any weapon (other than the rifle)

There are no pistols or shotguns in the game

There are no female corpses, children, animals, elderly people (everyone would be affected by the storm)

No shovels (for ground stashing) 

No ice storms

you should be able to get slightly warm in cars

Chopping down trees (you can get an axe)

A snowsuit (Create or find)

A fishing pole



Have any of you seen things that could improve or add depth and realism?



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While it does pain me sometimes when deer just runs thru me and i cant do anything about it, its more of an issue of ai rather than ability to use weapons aside of rifle/bow out of scripted scenes.

There has been a l lot of discussion about adding more weapons, including firearms, to the game. Still wiating.

To be honest im having trouble determining sex, not to mention age of most corpses. They are... generic.

Long blizzards would be nice. If i remember it right, there were such several day long storms in early builds. Nowdays its just several hours at the most.

Cars are made of metal, that conducts heat extremely well. So internal temperature of the car would be same as on outside. While, if player stays inside long enough, he may increase temperature by a degree or two(as his body loses heat in surrounding area faster than car frame), it would hardly make such a big difference. Plus, as player hardly move in the car, hes body would generate less heat, so he would actually freeze, rather than warm up. Main point of the car is to hide from predators and wind.

Why every1 are so obsessed with chopping down trees ? As if there is not enough sticks around. Those trees are frozen solid, so taking them down would be an extreme pain, especially with hatchet. Then player would have to clear branches. Then somehow chop it to pieces, again, with hatchet. Considering how flimsy items are in LD, player would go thru 4-5 hatchets for just 1 tree.

What exactly would be a point of fishing pole ? I cant think of a single area where to use it.

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