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Hey guys, i haven't seen a topic like this and it's weird because i have seen lots of people showing interest in their stats but no way (yet) of sharing them.
So why not just share them on the board in an easy manner?
I won't be tracking the score for easy mode, nor will i be tracking the score for the medium mode (as for now) only stalker mode highscores will be tracked, and if enough people show interest i will also start tracking people their scores on voyageur.
Note: Only the most noteable in-game stats will be tracked.

You do not need to show me a screenshot, i don't trust you, but i do think you trust yourself enough and have enough self respect not to lie to yourself and trying to trick any of us.
If you do cheat however, you probably have a reason to do so, and you should go and fix that reason before you do yourself any mental harm.

I know the title might be a bit misleading, you might think because i said i'd only track stalker scores.
But! Do post all of your voyaguer scores too, like i said, if there's enough i'll track them too!

Stalker Highscores

Days Survived & Hours Awake
Hatchet - 62 & 939

Days Survived & World Explored
Hatchet - 62 & 38%

Days Survived & Hours Outdoors
Hatchet - 62 & 279

Days Survived & Hours Indoors
Hatchet - 62 & 1248

Days Survived
Hatchet - 62

Hours Awake
Hatchet - 939

Hours Indoors
Hatchet - 1248

Hours Outdoors
Hatchet - 279

Hours Rested Outdoors
Hatchet - 5

Calories Expended
Hatchet - 168389

Distance Traveled
Hatchet - 153.7 (km) 95.5 (ml)

Days in ML
Hatchet - 18

Days in PV
Hatchet - 12

Days in CH
Hatchet - 27

Days in DP
Hatchet - 32

Days in TM
Hatchet - 3

Bow Shots & Hits (%Accuracy)
Hatchet - 15 & 1

Rifle Shots & Hits (%Accuracy)
Hatchet - 37 & 13

Distress Pistol Shots & Hits (%Accuracy)

Wolf Close Encounters
Hatchet - 169

Wolf Struggles Won
Hatchet - 16

Wolves Killed
Hatchet - 24

Bear Attacks Survived

Bears Killed
Hatchet - 1

Rabbits Snared
Hatchet - 14

Rabbits Killed
Hatchet - 14

Deer Killed
Hatchet - 4

Meat Harvested & Meat Consumed
Hatchet - 178.4 (kg) 393.0 (lbs) & lee.t (kg) 294.75 (lbs)

Fish Caught & Fish Consumed
Hatchet - 12.2 (kg) 26.89 (lbs) & 8.9 (kg) 19.62 (lbs)

Guts Harvested
Hatchet - 80

Hides Harvested
Hatchet - 58

Plants Harvested
Hatchet - 77

Items Looted
Hatchet - 1207

Items Broken Down
Hatchet - 217

Items Crafted
Hatchet - 212

Items Succesfully  Repaired
Hatchet - 66

Fires Started
Hatchet - 68

Longest Burning Fire
Hatchet - 18

Blizzards survived
Hatchet - 26

Falls survived
Hatchet - 1

Survived from Bloodloss
Hatchet - 4

If you have any question as to why some highscore options are not on there, i will be happy to answer them.
Unfortunatly the board is glitched for me and i cannot undo the underline and bold text.
I also feel very stupid as a moment ago i could calculate accuracy, now all of a sudden, total blank in my head :S

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