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  1. I recently started episode three of wintermute and right as I am leaving Thompson Crossing to the plane crash, my game suddenly became unable to save my progess. If I went to save or the game tried to autosave I would get an error message "Attempt to save the game FAILED. Check that sufficient storage space is available." The thing is, I have more than enough space, in my steam cloud I have 497 MB available, and on my actual hard drive I have 167 GB. Sufficient storage space is available, yet the game refuses to save. Any help would be greatly appreciated as the game has now been rendered unplayable as I can't actually save anything. I have tried to verify my game files, uninstall and reinstall, restart my computer, uninstall restart and then reinstall and absolutely nothing has worked. I really don't want to be out 30 bucks, not finish the story, and never recommend this game to anyone ever but that's the barrel I am staring down right now. Thanks for any help!