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  1. Same as lore-nmj, I find the game unplayable at the moment as well. Tried contacting support and using twitter channels - but not heard anything back. I appreciate the difficulty in keeping everything working on all platforms, but its been over 2 months now since ep3 dropped and the issue was acknowledged in the post release notes - it would be nice to some form of update on this. I really don't want to be one of those people that leaves a crap review on Steam for what I know is a good/great game - but if you can't play it on a platform, its difficult not to warn people. @stratvox - when the game starts up the UI is all pixelated. The only thing you can really do if you know the interface is navigate to the Quit option to exit the game, nothing else is clear. If you watch the Activity Monitor for the app process, you can see its not running on the GPU, but on the Integrated graphics chip - and tbh I'm not sure there is a way to force OS X to use one over the other - or if you should.