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  1. The Rifle Rack is a cool way to display your rifle and if you have more than one it is useful to manage space. Mountaineer's Hut is my favourite base location and many other's too. I don't think it would be the hardest thing to add in. Just an idea.
  2. When you get to draft dodgers cabin it should be on the cliffside right by the cabin, it doesn't spawn in so you have to take the walking route.
  3. Wow really? I spent ages looking for a way in but I should have gone to the forum whilst I was looking because all the videos that would help were showing the rope entry, thanks for the directions. 😀
  4. Spoiler Warning for some side missions in Episode 3 So I played Episode 1 & 2 on the normal difficulty however for Episode 3 I felt like playing on the harder difficulty since I had gotten better at the game, it goes well until it comes to the side missions. Basically with my playthrough the rope that leads to skeeters ridge didn't spawn in which makes it impossible to get to skeeter's ridge in the new rework, I spent a couple hours circling the mountains trying to find a way to walk to the ridge but couldn't find a way in. I gave up trying to complete Church Artifact because skeeter's ridge is part of that mission. The other mission affected was the bunker raid as the backpack with the note didn't spawn in so I couldn't even start the mission, I also found out that one of the books for Tall Tales spawns in one of the bunkers so you can't finish that either.