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  1. There were quite some times, when I wished so much, I had the possibility to build sheltered fireplaces. I imagine, having e.g. 20 sticks and half an hour time and lots of snow should be enough to build a decent wind block for my fireplace. I once was sitting between a house wall and a car when the wind started to blow through that "tunnel". I'm not talking about a blizzard... And I think it should be feasible to build a decent wind block to keep the fire burning, even in moderately high winds, in such places.
  2. I just had it again... that sneaky brown stinky furball eating my Triceps and part of the Latissimus dorsi. While I was harvesting a wolf that I just ended, that brown sucka was extremely sneaky and absolutely silent until the very second when I finished the harvesting. Then he roared once and ate a good part of me. Not very funny and definitely not realistic in relation to how the bear and wolf threat works in TLD, methinks. I know it's easy to fall in a trance, but while I am harvesting for 20 minutes, it's a bad game mechanics, if the bear just stands behind me. One meter away. No roaring before. No sign of his approach - in the middle of a field in Pleasant Valley. How about having at least some sign of "danger close" appearing during harvesting, so I could quickly stop harvesting and have a few seconds to prepare for fight of flight? I think that would be much more realistic and a bit mor fair. I am on day 378 and I guess that should give my character some training in situational awareness when it comes to bears and wolves. Don't ya agree?