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  1. Hello! I'm super hyped for this latest patch! I loaded up a new save file to get used to the new additions to the game, but once I loaded in, I immediately noticed that there is now a camera bob while standing still. There appears to be much more camera movement when running now, and even when standing still. I play with the camera movements dampened because I get very horrible motion sickness if it is not turned on. After the latest patch, I have noticed there is more a predominant sway/bob to the camera while doing things while the camera is idle. This includes : gathering, harvesting, and just in general interactions where the camera is idle. I can 100% feel that there is a slight sway to the entire camera during these times. Approx 5 minutes in game, and I'm already feeling the nauseating effects of this new change. I may be able to get used to it, but it concerns me. Were idle camera movements effected by the game's latest change in aiming with weapons? I will continue the play the game and see if I can build tolerance to this new camera movement. Not sure if an actual change has been made, or it's a side effect of not having playing the Long Dark for a week.