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  1. Yes, I'm in Wintermute. And yes, I'm in story mode. So if it only works in survival mode, that would explain it. Seems odd that there would be research books placed there, but aren't researchable. They aren't even burnable! (b/c they are not in inventory but appear along with the notes etc. I've picked up.) This world's god has an odd sense of humor
  2. Ever since updating to the Redux version, I don't see an option to research the books (on field dressing, angling, etc.) that I have. There is no Research section when I go to the Journal. If I click on the envelope icon, I can see the research books I have, but there's only an option to "examine" it--like rotate it--but not to "read" it to up your skill level. Seems so odd I wonder if it's a bug? I saw another user posted about this about a year ago and no one answered.