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  1. In the keys setup I see F5 (Igor maybe FN5) as an auto save. On my mac they both revert to their organic computer use in the native operating system. Is there any way to save in progress.
  2. Coachjohn

    F keys

    In the setup it says the f5 key is for auto save. However on my mac that everts to the organic computer use of the key. Is there anyway to save. I thought it might be FN5 and tried that I tried all combos no luck. Also if I get kill do you always have to start anew
  3. Started new game in stalker. Woke up in storm without gloves. Got frostbite on hands. It says “permanent disability” - can I do anything to help and how will this affect my play?
  4. Every now and then I notice a shield icon appear in the top middle of the screen. It looks like it has a “p” in it but I can’t make it out. What does this mean.