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  1. I got stuck in between the rungs on one of the ladders in the hydro dam.
  2. I know it would be hard for TLD to have a multiplayer mode because of the way it advances time when you do somethings like choppin wood and craftin. If there was a way to have a voting like system to fast forward time or if everyone is doing something at the same time then the game can fast forward time or it is faster than normal in multiplayer and when you carry out a task the effects it would have on you still happen just way faster, such as when you chop up a tree limb for wood and its cold out your temp drops as much as it would in single player but way faster so it would sort of work. Crafting would be a little trickier, mostly with big projects like the makeshift clothes and other things that take a longer time to complete, but for smaller things that only take five or so minutes you could just do that with out fast forwarding time. Player models would be kinda tricky to do as well. It could either be one model that stays the same for the character regardless of their clothes or have the clothes they're wearing show up on them. Respawn could be an option then you would have to go get your backpack where you died to reclaim your stuff but you wouldn't have anything other than very basic clothes like jeans a t-shirt socks and a pair of running shoes. Animal attacks could be interfered by another person if they attack the animal doing the violent hate crime reducing the damage done the unfortunate person attacked by everyones favorite four legged furry beasts.