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  1. Sounds like a big ol' meaty update. The continued support this game receives on all platforms is just wonderful to see! It really is. My only question is, does this game still crash a lot on the PS4? I haven't played for about 6-7 months because of that very issue. It would be great if someone that plays on PS4 could give me a quick answer, as I would like to delve back into it and experience all the new content. Either way, great work Hinterland Studios.
  2. Nice. It's always great to see new patches come out for a game you hold near and dear, however I'm a little disappointed that there aren't any new fixes for the horrific crashing issues on PS4. Hopefully next patch, eh?
  3. Ridiculous, isn't it. The best thing Hinterland Studio's could do in this situation is hire a small team of developers who have more experience with console's to come in and try to fix these persistent crashing issues. Seems that would be their best option really, and the reason I'm saying this is because I doubt anyone at Hinterland Studio's even plays The Long Dark on console's. What do you guys think?
  4. Same here. It'll keep happening until it gets fixed. That's just the reality of it, unfortunately. I just looked at the "error history" on my PS4 to count how many times The Long Dark has crashed exactly, and I counted 23 times in total. That's pretty abysmal to be frankly honest! I don't think I've ever played a game that has crashed this much. I can deal with the jittery frame rates that only occur when you're in certain regions like the town of Milton, or some of your items disappearing when being attacked by a bear, but when it comes to crashing with such a frequency like this that's just a big no no for me. Side Note: I absolutely love this game. It is by far one of the most immersive games I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing, and will undoubtedly be one of those games I'll keep coming back to from time-to-time years down the road. But, that said, the constant crashing is starting to take it's toil now because it's preventing me from actually playing the game how I want to. For example, I have so many supplies back at Pleasant Valley inside the farmstead such as tons of cloth, sewing kits, riffle ammo, and even a bunch of tinned food in the fridge. Not to even mention a massive pile of bear meat neatly sitting outside on the porch! But the crashing that happens within that region is preventing me from going back there because it's dreadful. There's nothing worse than being kicked out of your own game in my opinion, especially when it's a game such as this where it relies on ones ability to immerse themselves into every second of it.
  5. @Senauer, Yeah I've actually been quitting and relaunching the game for a while now, especially when I'm in the region's I mentioned above where the crashing seems to happen the most for me. It is a good temporary solution, but it doesn't work all the time. And yes, backing up your saved data onto a USB stick is definitely a must! I tend to do that with most indie games that are running on the Unity engine because they all seem to share the same problems, unfortunately. Hopefully there will be a fix for all the crashing soon, because it is getting ridiculous now. I spent £30 on this game when it first came out and never once regretted it despite some of the rather obnoxious issues it has! It was way worse on launch too, but thankfully the developers fixed a lot of it and got it working somewhat better over time, which gives me hope that they'll fix it completely. It's just a matter of when will they fix it at this point, and I feel it should be their main priority right now as it's becoming quite a hindrance. Not to mention the fact that they're releasing a retail version! Seems like a bold move if you ask me, given the current state of the game on console's.
  6. Hey @Senaner, I just wanted to say thanks for reporting this in great detail. I'm also experiencing the same issues, too! From doing some poking around it would seem these issues are pretty widespread on console's. I tend to experience the most crashes in Milton Town, Pleasant Valley, and Coastal Highway. It seems to only happen when entering/exiting buildings for me, though. There's nothing we can do about it either, this is clearly something the developers themselves need to fix. Deleting the game and reinstalling it won't do anything, and trust me I've tried it enough times to know. I have tried everything! All we can do is cross our fingers and toes hoping that Hinterland Studios releases a patch one day that fixes it. **shrugs**
  7. Fantastic news! I really enjoyed Wintermute's episodes one and two, so I am really intrigued to see the newer and improved versions. As well as episode 3, of course. However, that said, I just don't see why a retail release is even a priority right now given the current state of the game on console's with it's constant crashing and frame rate issues. Wouldn't it make a little more sense to hire another team of developers to come in and try to fix some of those remaining issues first? After all, that's what most indie developers do anyway. I'd love to buy the physical copy on PS4, but not while those issues are still present. Either way, thank you for your continued work @Hinterland Studios. You have created something truly special here with this game!