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  1. As subject says, I got attacked by a wolf inside of the Mountaineering Hut in Timberwolf Mountain and wanted to check if this is normal? I 'pulled' the wolf on the lake, put down the camp fire, that of course no longer works, run up to the hut, followed by the wolf. I expected him to break off once I got in, but he happily followed me inside (I tried to close the door but it was too late) and got a bite off me.
  2. Thanks for new update. Did something change with frequency of wolves howling? They seem to do it quite a lot after the update.
  3. Dam entrance in ML. Killed 2 wolves, their corpses around the truck there, and still I couldn't cross the bridge with the third wolf waiting for me on the other side. CH road going up to the lookout from the east. A wolf just jumps on you over some snow pile without warning. Milton Orca Gas station. Back exit can lead directly into wolf fight.