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  1. Yeah I'm really liking this location, I feel like with the new cooking system 6 pots for cooking is so crucial for running an efficient base. At trapper's cabin I felt like I spent so much of my time cooking on the two burner stove.
  2. It may be a challenge but it is not an interesting challenge. Especially not when the world is littered with rifle ammo that is way less of a hassle to acquire than the mythical hammer of legend.
  3. Why are arrowheads so hard to find/make? I have never seen a heavy hammer in maybe 10 survival runs. I get the feeling that the bow is meant to be your first hunting weapon but I find rifles and rifle ammo way way wayyy more often than arrowheads (which I have found 1, ever). Did native americans use a goddamn forge to make arrowheads? Maybe there should be easier to make stone arrowheads that make arrows break easier and can't be harvested.
  4. It would be cool if you could start with random injuries from jumping out of an airplane
  5. Either change the buttons or make a prompt that asks you if you really want to eat raw meat. The idea that a person could accidentally eat raw meat is hilarious and also ridiculous. And yes I've died this way
  6. I doubt I'd chance such a dangerous area with no rifle, not that I've had much luck with it against bears.
  7. I just caught a fish that looked like this, should've taken a screenshot. I
  8. I just started a base on Barker's Farm, it has a 6 burner stove and i'll put up with wolves for that so long as they aren't ambushing me from around corners like they do in Milton and Quonset. At least give me a *chance* to shoot them lol
  9. electricblue


    Rice makes a lot of sense in this world. Might be nice to have more foraging types of food like winter roots, tree nuts, mushrooms, etc as well
  10. I like finding a new item I had no idea was in the game
  11. Cozy if i'm inside. Annoyed if i'm outside. I tried to play survival in pleasant valley and it was just one blizzard after another right off the bat. I like that harrowing challenge of trying to find shelter but shelter in PV (that I could find) was such garbage that I ended up giving up and restarting.
  12. In the faithful cartographer update video the designer explains that the map is updated "with information about only what is visible to you." To me this meant if I was in heavy fog I would only be able to map what i'm standing on, and if I was on top of a lookout tower I could map a larger area at once...but unfortunately that isn't the way it works. Mapping just updates a small radius around you no matter what is visible to you and it just does a heavy fog check to deny mapping entirely (you can still map in light fog or snow for some reason). I think this system would be more fun and less tedious if there was a reward for mapping from a better vantage point and real penalties for mapping in poor conditions.