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  1. Hi support team! I have noticed a while ago and it seems still the case, that not even a single issue in the bug tracker has any status update. Probably you process them somewhere else, but it would be nice to respond in some way to them. So we know what's going on.
  2. Now if the player throws a bunch of items from the inventory they get dropped at its feet and they get overlapped. It would be nice to have a "stacking" behaviour when dropping items, eg: dropping multiple books would stack them above each other and they can be moved together but can be picked up one by one. Also when items are stacked they should support receiving more items one by one on the edges of the stack. Another good usage would be for this feature is the stacking of firewood. Now when the player drops them, they just get randomly placed below the player feet. With stacking they could look something like this: what is way more visually charming appearance.
  3. Since the latest feature update, item placement requires too much free space around items, what makes it impossible to store items "realistically" outside of storage units. Until the last update one could eg stack cans next to each other on a shelf a way what was looking good, now you cant. I hope this can be reverted to the previous behavior.
  4. I just tried and regular achievements (tested w/ Natural Healer) don't unlock in any of the game modes. However, the Freight-Train of Hate & Hunger unlocks in the story mode.
  5. I have the game on my Xbox One and every achievement was unlocking when I completed them. In a few days back I realized that the game is part of the Play Anywhere program so I downloaded the UWP version from the Microsoft store. While playing on PC I have completed the requirements for two achievements (Resolute Outfitter & Living off the land) but the achievements haven't unlocked. Then I tried playing the game on my Xbox to see if hitting a save point will unlock it but it's stayed locked. So synchronization is working because my save game was synced between my PC and Xbox but the achievements seem to be stuck. PS 1: there are at least two related issues: TLDP-5570 and TLDP-5502 but none of them has an answer. It would be nice to get some feedback or thoughts on this. PS 2: the Steam version works well and unlocks the achievements, so it seems to be an issue with triggering achievements through Xbox Live.