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  1. Just want to say that I really enjoy reading these Mail posts and very much appreciate the time you (all) take to answer and communicate/ share experiences with the player base. Thanks.
  2. The Faithful Cartographer official list still lists Stone Church on the Desolation Point list. Not clear if just the Icon or Location Trigger requirement removed, or both? Both trigger and icon popped for me.
  3. Cooking Pot v Recycled Tin cooking times Cooking the same drink (not snow/ water) item on the same fire source in a Cooking Pot is faster than in a recycled Tin. Example; Prepared Reishi Mushrooms at Level 1 Cooking (no cooking time reduction). Cooking Pot = 20m Recycled Tin = 25m Result is 20% faster in the pot than the tin. Melting snow and boiling water takes the same amount of time for the same volume in both the pot and tin.
  4. Campfire on a slope It seems harder (probably partly by design) to place the new cooking campfires on slopes, even moderate ones. Partly due to the larger footprint (including the invisible collision area extending out) and not clipping into the terrain? This makes placement, beyond the larger footprint which has closed off some previously available spots (outside of Camp Office in the covered porch for example), not quite as easy or convenient. Placement on a slight incline results in a few things; It is hard to find a spot to place food tins or drinks close enough to the campfire to Warm. They also don't place on slopes well and the larger campfire footprint. The cooking pot and the recycled tin also, tend to float above the cooking spot which allows placement of both raw meat or food tins/ drinks to cook as normal (not warming) on the actual stone also. It's possible to cook 2 raw meat items in cooking posts as normal, then add 2 additional raw meat to the stones underneath therefore cooking 4 raw meat at once. The meat on the stones will cook slower than that in the pots so the player needs to be aware of different ending times. Campfire on a slope then restricts some positioning of food cans and or drinks for Warming (as intended) but allows the (probably unintentional) double cooking on the campfire cooking slots. I've submitted it as a bug report and posted he as there had been a few reports of it being possible but not repeatable to confirm this.
  5. Suggestion Allow the new Recycled Tins to be used to craft other items as they are plentiful and the player generally only will require a few. Detail The player now starts with a Recycled Tin in their inventory and others are scattered fairly widely across the world (notably placed by or near stoves) and found in containers like Trash Bins. Also, all food cans that are opened and consumed will return a can to the inventory also. In this way they soon add up. The tin does decay but only when the water/ drink boils away by between 5-10 points typically. so one or two will last a long time. Even when players use multiple tins for multiple fires, there are likely to be a lot left over. On lower difficulty often they just get dumped and litter a corner as they only take up useful container space. Mechanic Provide a new craft recipe that will turn recycled tins into say: 10 x Recycled Tin = 1 Scrap Metal takes 1 hour using a workbench. Possibly require Hacksaw. Or, 20 x Recycled Tin = 1 x Cooking Pot takes 3 hours using a workbench. Requires Hacksaw/ Hammer. possibly requires a Forge. In this way they will have some use for the excess tins that will quickly litter the world otherwise and also help provide another source of the pot which is really handy. I really appreciate the new Cooking system just some option for these tins and possibly provide another source of pots.
  6. All food or boiled items do make distinctive sound changes as they reach the end of the cooking period. It take a bit to get your ear in but is useful. This goes for food/ water in the remaining period (from cooked to burnt or boiled away) there is a more urgent sound as it nears that stage also. The problem with a dialogue it that, of the player is cooking a lot of items say in Interloper, then there will be a load of dialogue going in for cooking and then remaining stage. I'm willing to give the audio prompts a go as I find they are helping now more. They tend to work better indoors are there is less background sound though.
  7. Good idea. Especially when playing with increased timescale in Custom. I made the mistake to test some cooking stuff and having to wait those odd minutes between hours is really slow now for cooking. I could pass the time via Space but happier to multitask and learning new fillers for these few minute waits, like sharpening etc. But read is rather inflexible for it.
  8. I was referring to the Pot Belly Stove type generally, just using the one in Camp Office as an example. Guessing there are other interiors/ locations with more than one stove to consider so a good point. Or close access to a cave for multiple campfires and avoid frigid winds blowing them out etc.
  9. Various other initial cooking observations Cooking EXP Cooking skill EXP is gained only when the cooked food is removed or eaten directly from the pot, can or cooking surface. And not when it finishes cooking. If the food is left and to burn/ ruin, there is no Cooking EXP gain. Cooking utensil repair Noted previously in this thread, if the Cooking Pot or Recycled Tin are left too long and the water boils off or food gets ruined, they suffer decay lose. Typically between 5-10 points randomly from initial testing. This has been confirmed officially earlier in this thread. The Tin Can, can not be repaired but there are generally a decent number as world loot or in some containers (Trash Can for example). Plus, every can of food eaten returns a can to the inventory. The Cooking Pot can be repaired with 1 Scrap Metal repairing 25% and requires Simple Tools (or Quality Tools). It takes 1 hour. If the player checks occasionally and doesn't allow the decay to drop too low, then it should last for the playthrough. They do not appear to decay over time except when items boil away or ruin (not tested long term) and no decay occurs if the utensil is simply left on the fire. General notes As cooking or boiling approaches the end of the cooking period the sound they make changes which gives a warning that time is about up. As food items or boiled water pass the Remaining time towards Boiling off or Ruined this also changes sound as a warning. To avoid boiling away water or burning food, add a few sticks to start the fire then add the food/ snow/ water and check the cooking time. Then add sufficient fuel so the time extends just over the cooking time. Then if forgotten the items wont burn/ boil away. Allow for double the time for processing water. When Melting Snow it is 1h 15m a skill level 1 but will automatically continue to boiling the non-potable water produced.. Allow for the additional time to complete to potable water so actually 2h 30m.
  10. Can confirm that it is 2.0 L of snow/ water per cooking pot, so with two cooking slots it's a maximum 4.0 L of snow/ water per fire barrel. The new cooking adds another consideration in location choice, with a Stove type fire providing six cooking slots and more cooking per pour than before, with the same fuel, for example. Conversely, pot belly sotves only have one cooking slot so are even less efficient than a campfire, wood stove or fire barrel. It's also possible to warm cups of drink and canned food next to fire barrels and other fires which takes longer but doesn't require a cooking slot. It's still possible to pass time as before while cooking by using the Space bar (PC) which passes time until ready, which also avoids the possibility of burning food if the player isn't doing other tasks meantime (kind of the design intent); I'm still trying the new cooking out and testing the differences. It's a big change and needs some time to get a real feel of how it really feels in-game. Being able to multi-task is a definite plus as is not having to stare at a fire while cook for long periods. But with 1-2 cooking slots it definitely feels slow.
  11. It's possible to warm multiple cans of food around a fire (any|) at the same time. Presumably also cups of drink work the same too. Pinnacle Peaches party time!
  12. Just tested on the pot belly stove in Camp Office and was able to select Melted Snow to proceed with water process and start it without a problem. Need to have the fire lit in order to get the Cooking menu, in case it wasn't.
  13. It's an intended mechanism with the new Cooking to allow the Warming of cups of drink and canned food besides any coking fire source (campfire, fire barrel etc.) hence why placing a can in close proximity to one of these fires starts the opening process, as it then Warms the contents,. It's possible to pick up any of these items at anytime. This doesn't require using one of the cooking slots so it's a useful way to heat those items alongside other cooking. I posted more details and some basic tests in this thread for info.
  14. Yes, only one cooking slot for the pot bellied stove type. Quite a big problem for ice fishing huts and fishing options but also any other locations with one. Also any location with a Fireplace, they donl't function for cooking just as a fire for heat.
  15. If there is a blood trail then it should eventually die yes. You can track this if you want via the Journal > Stats > Wolves killed. Make a note if the number killed when you fight it, then sometime after it will increase the killed count by one and you know it has died. Just where it died depends. Normally I go into a cabin etc. and if I check and come out there will be crows spawned above the wolf corpse which helps find it. I don't think anything changes the chance it will die. If it is wounded and bleeding it will die eventually, how fast depends on the weapon and strength of attack damage. Possible that using a blunt melee weapon it doesn't bleed but is scared away.