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  1. When I recently updated my game on Xbox my saved Wintermute progress was lost! I was almost at the end of chapter 2 waiting for an aurora so I could enter the bunker. Does anyone know if lost saves can be recovered somehow? Thanks.
  2. Being able to craft a spear with one of the wood types and scrap metal would be a nice feature to deal with wolves. But the 'sneak skill' is completely unrealistic.
  3. I noticed that there was an update for The Long Dark on Xbox today. Has this issue been fixed in the update?
  4. I have tried from the previous autosaves, and it all ends up the same. I am currently in the muskeg if I roam around there the game plays fine. But moving in/out of caves, or between maps causes my inventory to disappear and I will end up in a random spot such as exiting the muskeg to mystery lake, but it puts me at the Hydro Dam. That's if I don't get the black screen.
  5. I didn't think of that, I haven't completed Wintermute yet and discovered what is actually happening on Great Bear.
  6. It would be nice to have a compass and a Cardinal symbol (even just a simple arrow pointing north) on the maps to help with navigation. half the time I end up in the complete opposite direction that I thought I was heading. Being able to zoom in and out on a map would also be a nice feature.
  7. I am having the same problem, and I am 95% complete on Episode 2. I hope they find a fix for this, I want to keep playing but I also don't want to restart episode 2 at this point. Any progress Hinterland Support?